James Newman Reviews Big City Blues

And says: ‘Brazill has a way with words and, yeah, he uses them here wisely. The character building is solid in all his books, the locations are real enough to touch and smell, and the humor is omnipresent. This man’s books are laugh-aloud hilarious simply because Brazill is a wickedly smart humorous writer who neverContinue reading “James Newman Reviews Big City Blues”

Big City Blues is out NOW!

British coppers, an American private eye, London gangsters, international spies, and a serial killer known as The Black Crow all collide violently and hilariously in Big City Blues, another fast-moving and funny slice of Brit Grit from Paul D. Brazill. Published by NEAR TO THE KNUCKLE.  Available from Amazon.co.uk as an eBook or a paperback. YouContinue reading “Big City Blues is out NOW!”

Grace Of My Heart by Allison Anders.

  One of the things I did during my brief jaunt to The Big Apple in 2001 was to walk from Times Square- where I was staying – and down Broadway to place my hand on the Brill Building. And I did. It was a hot summers day and I burnt my hand. It’s aContinue reading “Grace Of My Heart by Allison Anders.”

Short, Sharp Interview: Jenna Payne

PDB: Can you pitch DARKTOWN in 25 words or less? Stranded in a dark Manhattan, two former lovers struggle to escape their situation. DARKTOWN is a post-apocalyptic short shot in powered down New York City. PDB: Could you give us a little backstory on that particular movie making experience? First, I have to admit thatContinue reading “Short, Sharp Interview: Jenna Payne”