PDB: Can you pitch your latest publication, “Bang Bang You’re Dead”, in 25 words or less? NQ: It’s about the decisions a young man makes when he’s released from prison. Some are easier made when you have a gun in your pocket… PDB: Which books, films or television shows have floated your boat recently? NQ:Continue reading “SHORT, SHARP INTERVIEW: NICK QUANTRILL”

True Brit Grit

True Brit Grit is out now! “The BRIT GRIT mob is coming to kick down your door with hobnailed boots. Kitchen-sink noir; petty-thief-louts; lives of quiet desperation; sharp, blood-stained slices of life; booze-sodden brawls from the bottom of the barrel and comedy that’s as black as it’s bitter—this is BRIT GRIT!” 45 British writers, 45Continue reading “True Brit Grit”

Short, Sharp Interview: Nick Quantrill

March sees the publication of Hull writer Nick Quantrill’s long awaited first novel ‘Broken Dreams’. Here’ s the buzz: Joe Geraghty, Private Investigator, is used to struggling from one case to the next, barely making the rent on his small office in the Old Town of Hull. Invited by a local businessman to investigate aContinue reading “Short, Sharp Interview: Nick Quantrill”

Nick Quantrill – Broken Dreams. The North Will Rise Again.

This is a cracking book. It’s the story of a man- Joe Geraghty- and a city – Hull- that have taken many a good kicking and are trying to get back on their feet. Realistic and romantic – in a Strummer way – it takes you by the lapels and drags you along from theContinue reading “Nick Quantrill – Broken Dreams. The North Will Rise Again.”

Guest Blogger: Nick Quantrill – Influences …

Influences… Early next year I publish my debut novel, ‘Broken Dreams’. One of the consequences is that I’m increasingly asked about my writing, with one of the first questions usually being, ‘who are your biggest influences?’ It’s a tricky question. I could rattle off a list of great writers whose work I admire greatly, bothContinue reading “Guest Blogger: Nick Quantrill – Influences …”