Recommended Read: Southsiders -That’s All Right by Nigel Bird

Scottish teenager Jesse Garon wakes up one day and finds a note on the fridge from his father saying that he has left home to get work in Belfast.  Later that day, Jesse gets an email from his alcoholic mother telling him that she has also left home. So Jesse is forced to fend forContinue reading “Recommended Read: Southsiders -That’s All Right by Nigel Bird”

Short, Sharp Interview: Nigel Bird

PDB: What’s going on? In terms of the business of writing, I feel very busy. I’ve just released the latest Southsiders novel, By The Time I Get To Phoenix. I was really sad to see publisher Blasted Heath come to an end. They did a fine job of editing and putting covers to the SouthsidersContinue reading “Short, Sharp Interview: Nigel Bird”

Nigel Bird reviews Cold London Blues

Over at his blog, Nigel says: ‘Cold London Blues has an elongated title – Ealing Comedy meets Pulp Fiction and has a love child. I honestly think that says it better than I could by filling the page. The humour is everywhere, from the scenes and situations to the crazy pun-filled dialogue. Laugh-a-minute is whatContinue reading “Nigel Bird reviews Cold London Blues”

The Best Of Brit Grit 2016

Well, 10 of the best, anyway. There were a few other Brit Grit gems I also read in 2016 that I really enjoyed. If I had to pick one book to personify The Best Of Brit Grit this year, it would probably be Marwick’s Reckoning by Gareth Spark. However, in no particular order, here areContinue reading “The Best Of Brit Grit 2016”

Have A Brit Grit Christmas!

I asked a bunch of Brit Grit writers about their favourite Christmas book, film and song, and this is what they said: Martina Cole: Well my favourite Christmas book has to be John Updike and Edward Gorey’s ‘The Twelve Terrors of Christmas.’ Film has to be Lon Chaney as The Wolfman. I love old horrorsContinue reading “Have A Brit Grit Christmas!”

What Goes On? Vater, Bird, Tomlinson, Miles.

Tom Vater I’ve just republished THE CAMBODIAN BOOK OF THE DEAD, the first in the Detective Maier Mystery series, with Crime Wave Press ( as a Kindle. The second book THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN MIND will be out soon as well. After the demise of Exhibit A Books, the original home of the MaierContinue reading “What Goes On? Vater, Bird, Tomlinson, Miles.”

A Couple Of Top Reviews: The Neon Moon/ Guns Of Brixton

Graham Wynd takes a look at THE NEON MOON: A ROMAN DALTON ANTHOLOGY. ‘Another fistful of fun from Blackwitch Press. A bunch of terrific writers run away with Paul D. Brazill‘s werewolf detective Roman Dalton and the dark madness of The City.‘ Read the rest here. Nigel Bird takes a gander at GUNS OF BRIXTON.Continue reading “A Couple Of Top Reviews: The Neon Moon/ Guns Of Brixton”

Recommended Read: All Due Respect Magazine 5

The latest issue of ALL DUE RESPECT magazine is a knockout. Edited by Chris Rhatigan and Mike Monson, ADR is proving itself to be one of the best pulp magazines on the market. Even though they publish my stuff! The magazine opens with Broken Prayer, an atmospheric and very well written novel excerpt from SteveContinue reading “Recommended Read: All Due Respect Magazine 5”

Short, Sharp Interview: Nigel Bird

PDB: What’s going on now? Southsiders has just been released by Blasted Heath and I’ve just returned from a school trip with my younger daughter’s class to John Muir’s birthplace (the man’s an inspiration). PDB: How did you research this book? Research and I don’t tend to get on. For Southsiders, I did look intoContinue reading “Short, Sharp Interview: Nigel Bird”

Brit Grit Alley Guest Columnists

Over the next few weeks I’ll be hosting a handful of  carefully selected guest columnists over at Out Of The Gutter Online’s Brit Grit Alley. Last week, Nigel Bird had a gander at the BBC’s new series, Ripper Streer. This week,  Richard Godwin is down Brit Grit Alley talking about Finance and Criminal Profit. AndContinue reading “Brit Grit Alley Guest Columnists”

Luke Case Gets Some BiLingual Love Action!

Over at SEA MINOR, Nigel Bird takes a look at my Warsaw set novelette Red Esperanto and says: ‘Red Esperanto  … practically drips in the alcoholic sweat of the journalist Luke Case, not to mention some of his other bodily fluids. ‘ Meanwhile, over in  Italy, LIBERI DI SCRIVERE have a gander at Red Esperanto‘sContinue reading “Luke Case Gets Some BiLingual Love Action!”