Short, Sharp Interview: Nigel Bird

PDB: Can you pitch SMOKE in 25 words or less?  NB: The Ramsay brothers arrange a dog-fighting tournament to help them escape Tranent. A teenager and a one-armed man aim to throw spanners into the works. PDB: Which books, films or television shows have floated your boat recently? NB: Ishmael Toffee and Lost Thingsare tremendousContinue reading “Short, Sharp Interview: Nigel Bird”

What The Hell Is Brit Grit ?

  America may well be the  official home of pulp and noir but the United Kingdom, long  perceived as the land of tame Dame Agatha style cozies and stuck-up, Latin quoting police detectives, also has a grubby underbelly which has produced plenty of gritty crime writing. And there is a new wave of Brit GritContinue reading “What The Hell Is Brit Grit ?”


’41 stories. One cause: PROTECT 100% of proceeds go to PROTECT and the National Association to Protect Children – the army fighting what Andrew Vachss calls “the only holy war worthy of the name,” the protection of children. We’ve rallied a platoon of crime, western, thriller, fantasy, noir, horror and transgressive authors to support PROTECT’sContinue reading “OUT NOW – PROTECTORS : STORIES TO BENEFIT PROTECT”