Kill Me Quick is BACK TO LIFE!

My seaside noir KILL ME QUICK has been rebooted and suited by the folks at Fahrenheit 13 and Farhrenheit Press, and you can pick it up at a discount price if you buy it direct from the publishers. The eBook is less than a quid and the paperback is less than a fiver! Can’t fall off!Continue reading “Kill Me Quick is BACK TO LIFE!”

Recommended Read: When The Music’s Over by Aidan Thorn

Revenge is bittersweet for failed musician Benny Gower. Gower murders Birmingham drug-dealer Harry Weir and goes on the run. Retired enforcer Wynn McDonald is reluctantly sent to track down Gower. What ensues is a lethal cocktail of hardboiled crime fiction as well as a touching study of regret and disappointment. The action is brutal, theContinue reading “Recommended Read: When The Music’s Over by Aidan Thorn”

Martin Stanley picks Kill Me Quick! as one of his Top Five Reads of 2017

Martin gives an end of year report regarding his own wrting and picks five fave reads from 2017, one of which is Kill Me Quick! ‘Kill Me Quick by Paul D. Brazill: You can always rely on Paul Brazill for a nifty turn of phrase, a superb one-liner, or a nice piece of description. He alsoContinue reading “Martin Stanley picks Kill Me Quick! as one of his Top Five Reads of 2017”

Short, Sharp Interview: Aidan Thorn

PDB: What’s going on? Right now, it’s 3am and I’m wide awake because I’m in the USA and I’m shite at travelling and time differences. But I guess I should also tell you about the release of my new linked story collection, Tales from the Underbelly. It’s a sort of British Pulp Fiction, as aContinue reading “Short, Sharp Interview: Aidan Thorn”

Recommended Read: Tales From The Underbelly by Aidan Thorn

Aidan Thorn’s Tales From The Underbelly is a collection of hard-hitting, interconnected crime stories, and is pure Brit Grit. The collection kicks off with a fistful of short, sharp jabs of flash fiction and ends with a couple of longer pieces which really show Thorn’s strengths. A Sporting Chance is the story of a localContinue reading “Recommended Read: Tales From The Underbelly by Aidan Thorn”

Martin Stanley Reviews Kill Me Quick!

Over at, Martin Stanley reviews Kill Me Quick! ‘5.0 out of 5 stars Entertaining crime caper By M Stanley on 6 Feb. 2017 Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase You can always rely on Paul Brazill for a nifty turn of phrase, a superb one-liner, or a nice piece of description. He also delivers cool plotsContinue reading “Martin Stanley Reviews Kill Me Quick!”

Ryan Bracha Reviews Kill Me Quick!

Over at the Amazons and Goodreads, Ryan Bracha says: ‘Paul Danger Brazill is a writer’s writer. Universally respected throughout the literary scene. He writes with a nostalgia that I haven’t seen anywhere else, and up to now I haven’t read a thing of his that, however short it may be, wasn’t magnificent. Kill Me Quick!Continue reading “Ryan Bracha Reviews Kill Me Quick!”

Kevin McNamara Reviews Kill Me Quick!

Over at he says: ‘I very much liked this book by the fine author Paul Brazill. A former rock musician returns to his hometown after an injury. He quickly finds himself entangled with the mob, a motorcycle gang, a double crossing ex-band mate and a number of interesting characters from his past. Mister Brazill’sContinue reading “Kevin McNamara Reviews Kill Me Quick!”

Lee Sykes Reviews Kill Me Quick!

Over at ace crime writer Lee Sykes gives Kill Me Quick! a five star review and says: ‘Brazill delivers us a black comedy crime romp through Seatown. A place with grim surroundings, lashings of one liners and great dialogue.Typical Brazill offerings, and if you don’t know what that means I suggest you go andContinue reading “Lee Sykes Reviews Kill Me Quick!”

CLIP: Kill Me Quick!

‘He changed stations and found a phone in talk show. The host and callers were discussing the upcoming Seatown elections. It was getting pretty heated. ‘One of my old teachers is standing in this election,’ said Mark. ‘A bloke called Pike.’ ‘Aha,’ said Roy. He slowed at a zebra crossing and drummed his fingers onContinue reading “CLIP: Kill Me Quick!”

More Top Reviews!

Kevin S. Cummings reviews Kill Me Quick! over at his blog. He says: ‘Kill Me Quick! by Paul D. Brazill is #12 in a 13 series list of quality crime novellas published by Number Thirteen Press. The latest Brazill offering goes down like two Alka-Seltzers and spring-water in a crystal  tumbler during day two ofContinue reading “More Top Reviews!”

Guest Blog: Number Thirteen Press – The End? by Christopher Black

So that’s it, then. Thirteen crime novellas from thirteen authors in thirteen months. Richard Godwin’s Ersatz World was the last, and Number Thirteen Press is finished. Only, not quite. Of course there’s still the admin and the accounting and the marketing. The boring bits I’m not very good at anyway. But the publishing part is finishedContinue reading “Guest Blog: Number Thirteen Press – The End? by Christopher Black”

Mark Hewitt reviews Kill Me Quick!

Over at ‘5.0 out of 5 stars. Pulp if you want it to be but deep if you think about it. By MARK HEWITT on 24 April 2016 Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase It is quite an art to write a short book that lasts so long in the memory. First taste is of the instant gratification ofContinue reading “Mark Hewitt reviews Kill Me Quick!”