Recommended Read: Sound Of The Sinners by Nick Quantrill

British private detective Joe Geraghty is holed up in Amsterdam, laying low from the trials and tribulations of his life in Hull. After missing a phone call from his former business partner Don Ridley, he later finds out that Don is dead. Geraghty returns to Hull for Don’s funeral and is soon embroiled in anContinue reading “Recommended Read: Sound Of The Sinners by Nick Quantrill”

Recommended Read: Broken Dreams by Nick Quantrill

Nick Quantrill’s Broken Dreams is a cracking book. It’s the story of a Private Investigator following a muddy and bloodstained trail through a battle scarred Northern city. PI Joe Geraghty- like his hometown Hull-  has both taken many a good kicking and is trying to get back on his feet. Broken Dreams is realistic and romantic –Continue reading “Recommended Read: Broken Dreams by Nick Quantrill”

Recommended Read: Slug Bait by Tom Leins

‘The sky above the Dirty Lemon is the colour of diseased lungs. Fat clouds swirl above the pub, and the bronchial sky erupts as I push through the double-doors – bullets of rain thudding into the wheelchair ramp behind me.’ The first paragraph of Slug Bait – Tom Leins’ latest Paignton Noir Mystery – isContinue reading “Recommended Read: Slug Bait by Tom Leins”

Short, Sharp Interview: John Bowie

PDB: What’s going on?   JB: Reading, drinking, being a silly father, reading more, being a trying husband, and… drinking more. Oh, and scribbling and writing — for my sanity and madness; all in perfect balance. Teetering on life’s beautiful edge that’s fueled by all the pre-mentioned that put me there in the first place.Continue reading “Short, Sharp Interview: John Bowie”

Recommended Read: Spalding’s Groove by Richard Prosch

Spalding’s Groove contains two short stories that act as a kind of side order to Richard Prosch‘s cracking debut crime novel Answer Death. The first story is Spalding’s Groove which kicks off when a has-been TV star comes into Dan Spalding’s shop to sell some records. The second story is Cinderalla Makes Good and tells the taleContinue reading “Recommended Read: Spalding’s Groove by Richard Prosch”

Recommended Read: Down To No Good by Earl Javorsky

In Earl Javorsky‘s first Charlie Miner novel – Down Solo– the private eye discovered that he’d been killed but – for reasons unknown to him –  had come back to life. In Down To No Good, Charlie attempts to come to terms with this situation, as well as deal with the various other problems inContinue reading “Recommended Read: Down To No Good by Earl Javorsky”

Crime Uncovered: Private Investigator

I’m very pleased to contribute an interview with the splendid Nick Quantrill to the latest in the Crime Uncovered series. Here the skinny: ‘The private investigator is one of the most enduring characters within crime fiction. From Dashiell Hammett’s Sam Spade— the hard-boiled loner trawling the mean streets—to Agatha Christie’s Captain Hastings—the genteel companion inContinue reading “Crime Uncovered: Private Investigator”

Recommended Read: Small Change by Andrez Bergen

When hardboiled private eye Roy Scherer inherits an unwanted side-kick, in the nerdy form of Suzie Miller, they soon embark on a series of wild, way out and weird adventures. Andrez Bergen’s Small Change is an interconnected collection of short stories and vignettes that  smartly mixes up Raymond Chandler with Jim Jarmusch and Scooby Doo.Continue reading “Recommended Read: Small Change by Andrez Bergen”

Recommended Read: The Man In The Window by Dana King

Private Eye Nick Forte is hired by obnoxious musician Marshal Burton to follow Burton’s equally obnoxious  wife. What should be a mundane divorce case spirals out of control when Burton is killed. Dana King’s The Man In The Window is a joy. Gripping and touching, The Man In The Window is a cracking yarn fullContinue reading “Recommended Read: The Man In The Window by Dana King”

A Song For Saturday: Johnny Staccato Theme by Elmer Bernstein

Johnny Staccato, played by John Cassavetes, is a jazz pianist/private detective. The setting for many episodes is aGreenwich Village jazz club belonging to his friend, Waldo, played by Eduardo Ciannelli. The show featured many musicians, such as Barney Kessel, Shelly Manne, Red Mitchell, Red Norvo, and Johnny Williams. (Ironically, given the show’s New York setting,Continue reading “A Song For Saturday: Johnny Staccato Theme by Elmer Bernstein”

Guest Blog: My Special Needs Baby’s Long and Roundabout Road to Publication by Gary Anderson

I’m going start by making what might be a startling admission: I came to noir late. The Gwousz Affair is my first attempt at what might be if not partially classified as noir, then at least clearly influenced by it. In fact, I didn’t read Hammet or Chandler until a few years ago. I didn’tContinue reading “Guest Blog: My Special Needs Baby’s Long and Roundabout Road to Publication by Gary Anderson”

Get Ben Solomon’s The Hard-Boiled Detective FREE!

Get Your Hard-Boiled Fix for Free ! How’s about getting a whole year’s worth of detective fiction for free? For a limited time, Ben Solomon‘s promoting “The Hard-Boiled Detective” series by offering free subscriptions. Fans of Paul D. Brazill and “You Would Say That, Wouldn’t You?” can receive three stories of old-school, detective fiction everyContinue reading “Get Ben Solomon’s The Hard-Boiled Detective FREE!”