Guns Of Brixton is on Crime Fiction Lover’s Radar.

CRIME FICTION LOVER is easily one of the best crime fiction sites out there. If you like crime fiction, you really should check it out. CRIME FICTION LOVER has reviews, news, interviews, competitions and more. A regular feature is ON THE RADAR which features upcoming publications. One of the books featured this month is my upcoming GUNS OF BRIXTON: DOUBLE BARREL,Continue reading “Guns Of Brixton is on Crime Fiction Lover’s Radar.”

Recommended Film : Hiacynt

Operation Hyacinth (Hiacynt) is a 2021 crime fiction film directed by Piotr Domalewski and written by Marcin Ciaston. Set in Poland in the late ’80s, Operation Hyacinth is a stripped-down, taut and gripping police procedural that tells the story of a murder investigation that digs up some dark, well – buried secrets. Power, curruption andContinue reading “Recommended Film : Hiacynt”

Recommended Film: How I Fell in Love with a Gangster

‘How I Fell in Love with a Gangster is a 2022 Polish film directed by Maciej Kawulski, written by Krzysztof Gureczny and Maciej Kawulski and starring Tomasz Wlosok, Aleks Kurdzielewicz and Antoni Królikowski.’ How I Fell in Love with a Gangster is fact-based, fast-moving, flashy, funny and a hell of a lot of fun!


It’s 1976, and Britain is in the grip of an unbearable heatwave when Bowen leaves London to return to his home town in northeast Wales. As events spiral out of Bowen’s control, his old partner Nash follows his trail. Meanwhile, young Jay finds a briefcase stuffed with cash. Math Bird’s Welcome To HolyHell is just fantastic. ItContinue reading “RECOMMENDED READ: WELCOME TO HOLYHELL BY MATH BIRD”