It’s 1976, and Britain is in the grip of an unbearable heatwave when Bowen leaves London to return to his home town in northeast Wales. As events spiral out of Bowen’s control, his old partner Nash follows his trail. Meanwhile, young Jay finds a briefcase stuffed with cash. Math Bird’s Welcome To HolyHell is just fantastic. ItContinue reading “RECOMMENDED READ: WELCOME TO HOLYHELL BY MATH BIRD”

This Old House by Paul D. Brazill

THIS OLD HOUSE Ten Sycamore Hill was, in Peter James’ mind, the font of all of his misfortunes. While women, work, cars and kids came and went, the only constant in Peter’s turbulent life – apart from the copious amounts of alcohol that he consumed, of course – was that weather-beaten Victorian detached house overlookingContinue reading “This Old House by Paul D. Brazill”

The Company Man by Paul D. Brazill

THE COMPANY MAN Jose opened the waiting room door. Six men, wearing grey suits identical to his, were sat staring straight ahead. Their hands were palm down on their knees. Jose walked in and took a seat next to the reception desk.  He put his hands on his knees and sniffed. He sniffed again. ‘WouldContinue reading “The Company Man by Paul D. Brazill”