This Impossible Night by Peter Ord

PETER ORD – SONGWRITER I’ve known Peter Ord for THIRTY years ! He is a songwriter and artist living in Hartlepool, UK. A self-taught musician (guitar, bass and keyboards),he has been writing music since his early teens. In the 80’s he performed with post – punk bands in the Middlesbrough area, including Halcyon Days, OceansContinue reading “This Impossible Night by Peter Ord”

Short, Sharp Interview: Jayne Casey – Liverpool Punk /Post Punk

Eric’s Club opened In Liverpool on 1 October 1976, in a basement opposite The Cavern Club – where The Beatles played in the 1960’s.Buzzcocks, The Clash, Joy Division, Ramones, Sex Pistols, Siouxsie & the Banshees, The Stranglers, Wire, XTC, X-Ray Spex,U2, New Orderand Mick Hucknall (pre Simply Red) all played at Eric’s before the club closed down in March 1980 when the club was raided by the rozzers for drug offences.Local musiciansContinue reading “Short, Sharp Interview: Jayne Casey – Liverpool Punk /Post Punk”

The Post Punk Peter Hammill – Richard Sanderson

In his introduction to his  Postpunksampler 2, the legendary Julian Cope says tells this story: ‘In 1979, a smart, cool-looking guy called Richard Sanderson came backstage after a (Teardrop Explodes) Middlesborough show and gave me a bedroom recording of his quartet Drop. In his manner, style and quiet confidence, Richard was the Peter Hammill ofContinue reading “The Post Punk Peter Hammill – Richard Sanderson”