Short, Sharp Interview: Jason Michel

PDB: Can you pitch THE DEATH OF THREE COLOURS in 25 words or less? A dark and surreal tale of organised crime, betrayal, the nature of evil and one man’s obsession with the Mexican folk saint, Santa Muerte. PDB: Which music, books, films or television shows do you wish you had written? Barry Adamson’s MossContinue reading “Short, Sharp Interview: Jason Michel”

Out Soon ! ! ! Totalitarian Drone Groove by Jason Michel.

Jason Michel’s brilliant and sad Totalitarian Drone Groove is a dislocated and dislocating dystopian sci-fi-Gothic with echoes of J G Ballard and Nick Cave’s And The Ass Saw The Angel. – Paul D. Brazill, author of Guns Of Brixton, 13 Shots Of Noir, Snapshots, Red Esperanto. Totalitarian Drone Groove Coming is soon from PULP METALContinue reading “Out Soon ! ! ! Totalitarian Drone Groove by Jason Michel.”

News, Updates etc

So, what’s going on? Well, both of the  noir novelettes that I wrote for the Italian publisher Atlantis are now available from Amazon. In English and Italian. You can get Red Esperanto and Death On A Hot Afternoon here. I’ve recently finished a third story in the series. This is set in the Spanish cityContinue reading “News, Updates etc”


OUT NOW! PULP METAL MAGAZINE’S DICTATOR JASON MICHEL HAS ROUNDED UP A GANG OF WILD WOMEN FOR THE LATEST ISSUE OF PULP METAL MAGAZINE. Art/Celluloid- CROSSOVER by Cecelia Chapman Paul Brazill…  Kate Laity’s Column –  He Didn’t Say That, I Did – Noir Goddess: Ida Lupino by Kate Laity Odd Fiction – Skin Seeker byContinue reading “PULP METAL MAGAZINE – DEADLIER THAN THE MALE – OUT NOW !”


THE BLURB: ‘In Murder by Moonlight, Vincent Zandri’s cunning detective Dick Moonlight returns with his toughest case yet: proving an open-and-shut murder investigation isn’t over at all. Joan Parker is the last woman private eye Dick Moonlight would ever expect to see in his Albany office. From the right side of the tracks—neighboring Bethlehem—she bearsContinue reading “OUT NOW ! ! ! MURDER BY MOONLIGHT BY VINCENT ZANDRI”

Stories For Sunday : Black, Krohn, Laity, Rosmus.

There are lots of juicy slices of short fiction out and about the interweb at the moment. Get stuck into this little lot: Christopher Black makes his debut at Thrillers, Killers n Chillers with a visceral and lyrical tale of one man’s descent into HELL. Bydgoszcz born globetrotter Magdalena Krohn is over at Litro with DREAM GUN.Continue reading “Stories For Sunday : Black, Krohn, Laity, Rosmus.”

Richard Godwin Interview – Apostle Rising eBook

Richard Godwin’s smashing debut novel Apostle Rising is out as an eBook ,with some extras included: an excerpt from his second novel  Mr. Glamour and four noir short stories. For the US for $3.24 For the UK for £2.05 So, I had a natter with him. PDB: Apostle Rising has just been published as anContinue reading “Richard Godwin Interview – Apostle Rising eBook”


Horror/crime writer Richard Godwin, author of the magnificent “Apostle Rising” and “Mr Glamour“, brings you six spicy and horrifying tales to make you sweat and squirm. The Mustard Man cometh. A hot killer with a penchant for all things that make your eyes water.The Mustard Man first threatened the public in the irreverent PULP METALContinue reading “OUT NOW !!! PIQUANT BY RICHARD GODWIN”

Watch You Drown by Chris Rhatigan.

If ever there was an American equivalent of the Brit Grit writings of, say, Nigel Bird or Luca Veste, then it must be the stories in this fantastic début collection. With Watch You Drown, Chris Rhatigan  mixes up micro fiction, flash fiction and short stories that show us slices of life that are far from cosy and that pullContinue reading “Watch You Drown by Chris Rhatigan.”


Hard drinking investigative journalist Alfie Lime wakes up in his Paris apartment soaked in the blood of the prostitute whose corpse lays next to him. Whose heart has been ripped from her body.Who heart has been placed on a black cloth, on the sideboard, with a nail hammered through it.  So Alfie Lime- a ‘manContinue reading “AND THE STREET SCREAMED BLUE MURDER BY JASON MICHEL”

Out Now !!! And The Street Screamed Blue Murder ! by Jason Michel

And The Street Screamed Blue Murder! is the latest novella from the mind of Jason Michel – Pushcart Prize nominee and The Dictator of the cult Pulp Metal Magazine. Beginning with an impossible murder, the story leads us on a spiralling journey of betrayal into the surreal underbelly of Paris and its most secret andContinue reading “Out Now !!! And The Street Screamed Blue Murder ! by Jason Michel”