A Story For Sunday: Chelsea Girls

Chloe left the money and took the guns. She couldn’t carry everything and she knew that cash would be a hell of a lot easier to come by than a couple of AK47s that was for sure. ‘Fuck you very much,’ she said to Charlie Grimhaven’s unconscious form. Grimhaven was naked, bloodied and handcuffed toContinue reading “A Story For Sunday: Chelsea Girls”

Punk Noir Magazine

  Punk Noir Magazine – hovering in the shadows of the late lamented Pulp Metal Magazine – is a non-profit, non-paying, online arts and entrainment magazine that views the world at its most askew. We’ll be looking at films, music, television and more. There’ll be interviews, reviews, news, poetry, fiction, micro fiction, and flash fiction.  And some otherContinue reading “Punk Noir Magazine”

Because The Night is at Pulp Metal Magazine

Pulp Metal Magazine is shutting up shop, at least for the time being. And my contribution to its funeral is a little yarn called Because The Night. ‘Mark Finney’s footsteps echoed as he walked across the rusty, metal railway bridge. A steely fog was spreading itself across the town and he could no longer seeContinue reading “Because The Night is at Pulp Metal Magazine”

Short, Sharp Interview: K A Laity

PDB: What’s going on? THE BLOOD RED EXPERIMENT! A new magazine that serialises neo-giallo novellas by me, Richard Godwin, Tom Leins, Kevin Berg, Mark Cooper, Jack Bates and James Shaffer, brought together by the combined efforts of Jason ‘Pulp Metal Magazine’ Michel and Craig ‘Near to the Knuckle’ Douglas. My novella is Madonna of theContinue reading “Short, Sharp Interview: K A Laity”

Train In Vain at Pulp Metal Magazine

I have a new yarn up at Pulp Metal Magazine. It’s called TRAIN IN VAIN: ‘Seatown train station was certainly a lot better looking than I remembered it but it still smelled of puke. And shit, And sweat. Well, it did now that Smiffy was there. He’d spruced himself up a bit, slicked back hisContinue reading “Train In Vain at Pulp Metal Magazine”


GINGER RONNY HAD told Burkey about the murder towards the bitter end of one of their occasional raucous Tuesday night drinking sessions, as the dawn had desperately begun to grasp for life and Malcolm Duffy was grumpily getting ready to close up Le Duffy. But it wasn’t until the cusp of Wednesday evening—as Burkey struggledContinue reading “#FRIDAY FLASH: STOP ME IF YOU’VE HEARD THIS ONE”

Yesterday’s Wine at Pulp Metal Magazine

I’m over at PULP METAL MAGAZINE with a little yarn called ‘Yesterday’s Wine.’ ‘Pauline Williams really hadn’t wanted to talk to her brother. Not for a while, anyway. She’d been giving him the cold shoulder recently. She’d had more than enough of Billy’s shenanigans over the years, so she started to ignore his text messagesContinue reading “Yesterday’s Wine at Pulp Metal Magazine”

I’m Flashing At Pulp Metal Magazine and Near To The Knuckle

CHELSEA GIRLS is at PULP METAL MAGAZINE ‘Chloe left the money and took the guns. She couldn’t carry everything and she knew that cash would be a hell of a lot easier to come by than a couple of AK47s that was for sure.‘ and THE TALL MAN is at NEAR TO THE KNUCKLE ‘IContinue reading “I’m Flashing At Pulp Metal Magazine and Near To The Knuckle”

#FRIDAY FLASH: Seven Minutes To Midnight

  Hinkson’s tired, dog tired, but he can’t fall asleep. Can’t let himself drift off into the warm, comforting womb of his unconscious. It’s seven minutes to midnight and the brothers will be here at the witching hour, for sure. Same as last night and the previous night. The motel room is dark except forContinue reading “#FRIDAY FLASH: Seven Minutes To Midnight”

Nun With A Gun at Pulp Metal Magazine.

I have a new yarn up at PULP METAL MAGAZINE. It’s called NUN WITH A GUN– which, I realise, sounds like a Vic Reeves character. Anyway, it starts off like this: ‘The light from the full moon guided her way as Sister Lara walked down Roseberry Hill using her father’s rifle as a walking stick.Continue reading “Nun With A Gun at Pulp Metal Magazine.”

Short, Sharp Interview: Jason Michel

PDB: Can you pitch THE DEATH OF THREE COLOURS in 25 words or less? A dark and surreal tale of organised crime, betrayal, the nature of evil and one man’s obsession with the Mexican folk saint, Santa Muerte. PDB: Which music, books, films or television shows do you wish you had written? Barry Adamson’s MossContinue reading “Short, Sharp Interview: Jason Michel”

I’m Back at Pulp Metal Magazine

With a little yarn called Spectre vs Rector. ‘‘I’m just a walking cliché,’ growled Rector. He sat at a table in a dark corner of The Essex Arms. His black clothes melded with the pub’s shadows. His bony hand reached out of the darkness and scratched his unshaven face. He took a sip of whisky.’Continue reading “I’m Back at Pulp Metal Magazine”


‘My beloved in Ziggy—transplendent be his name!—there are some troubling trends of late in our nation. Despite the ubiquity of our faith—it’s rare to see anyone not wearing a lightning bolt, admittedly, whether on a chain around their neck or in a discreetlapel pin—I am hearing reports from the periphery of our great lands thatContinue reading “A Story For Sunday: THE STATE OF THE CHURCH OF BOWIE IN 2525 BY K. A. LAITY”