Before The Moon Falls by Paul D. Brazill

Before The Moon Falls Duffy awakes drowning in sweat. Still smothered by bad dreams. Gunshots echo through his brain. Then the sound of helicopter blades. Screams. It takes him a moment to adjust to the surroundings; the room looks unfamiliar in the wan light. Slowly, his eyes make out the details of his sparse livingContinue reading “Before The Moon Falls by Paul D. Brazill”

Dead Pimp In A Trunk by Paul D. Brazill

I WAS GOING to tell you about why I killed Lewis Quad and how he’d had it coming to him. How he’d asked for it and deserved everything he got. Tell you what an evil bastard he was and how many lives he’d destroyed over the years. All the shitty little things he’d done just becauseContinue reading “Dead Pimp In A Trunk by Paul D. Brazill”

Graham Wynd Reviews Last Year’s Man

And says: ‘From blood-soaked shenanigans to effortlessly clever banter, there’s everything you’d expect and more. The motif of the hitman haunted by his past gets a fresh angle as disgraced Tommy Bennett returns to Seatown, the northern coastal city where his past awaits him. A wild mix of musical and pop culture references come atContinue reading “Graham Wynd Reviews Last Year’s Man”

Recommended Read: Kiss The Devil Goodnight by Jonathan Woods

Bill Derringer is an Iraq war veteran who is having trouble making ends meet. When he and his wife Edie take their two kids to visit Edie’s Aunt Ida, she turns out to be a lot more than Bill had bargained for and things soon spiral wildly out of control. Jonathan Woods’ ‘Kiss The DevilContinue reading “Recommended Read: Kiss The Devil Goodnight by Jonathan Woods”

Short, Sharp Interview: Will Viharo

PDB: What’s going on? You got me. PDB: Do you listen to music when you work? Always. Mostly classic jazz and moody film scores. Currently both soundtrack albums for “Twin Peaks: the Return.” PDB: What makes you laugh? Zombies. PDB: What’s the best cure for a hangover? Sex. Clears your sinuses. Brush your teeth first.Continue reading “Short, Sharp Interview: Will Viharo”

Recommended Read: Bad Luck City by Matt Phillips

Jaded Las Vegas hack Sim Palmer is approached by a stranger in a bar and asked to look into the disappearance of a young girl. Twists, turns and violence quickly ensue in a classic slice of atmospheric, brutal, fast-paced pulp fiction. Matt Phillips’ Bad Luck City is a whip crack of a read and isContinue reading “Recommended Read: Bad Luck City by Matt Phillips”