Recommended Read: Bad Citizen Corporation by S W Lauden

Punk-rock-star-turned-cop Greg Salem’s life spirals way out of control after he shoots a fleeing criminal. S W Lauden’s Bad Citizen Corporation ticks all the crime fiction boxes. Great characters. great sense of place, great dialogue, great pacing. Tight as a snare drum and as lean and mean as early Pelecanos, Bad Citizen Corporation is  theContinue reading “Recommended Read: Bad Citizen Corporation by S W Lauden”

Recommended Read: punkPunk edited by Andrew Hook

Andrew Hook’s punkPunk anthology is an eclectic and electric mix of short stories inspired by punk rock music and the ’70s punk movement. There’s American punk, British punk, Australian punk. There’s social realism and science fiction. There’s black comedy and coming of age tales. And there’s a sense of bittersweet nostalgia that permeates some ofContinue reading “Recommended Read: punkPunk edited by Andrew Hook”

Short, Sharp Interview: Jeremy Thoms

PDB: Can you pitch THE CATHODE RAY  in 25 words or less? A modern collection of sounds with post-punk, disco, pop, surf, garage, soundtrack, glam-rock, psychedelic, new wave and northern soul flavours. PDB: What music, books, films or television shows have floated your boat recently? Music: Toy; Dexys; Spiritualized; High Llamas – all four haveContinue reading “Short, Sharp Interview: Jeremy Thoms”

Short, Sharp Interview: Vic Godard

PDB: Can you pitch your latest release in 25 words or less? Live and Rare Volume 1 is an extraordinary trawl through 35 years of the Subway Sect. Also forthcoming are a single on Edwyn Collins’ AED Records and a single with Mates Mates on Famelic Records [of Vic Catalonia] PDB: What music, books, filmsContinue reading “Short, Sharp Interview: Vic Godard”

Short, Sharp Interview: Jayne Casey – Liverpool Punk /Post Punk

Eric’s Club opened In Liverpool on 1 October 1976, in a basement opposite The Cavern Club – where The Beatles played in the 1960’s.Buzzcocks, The Clash, Joy Division, Ramones, Sex Pistols, Siouxsie & the Banshees, The Stranglers, Wire, XTC, X-Ray Spex,U2, New Orderand Mick Hucknall (pre Simply Red) all played at Eric’s before the club closed down in March 1980 when the club was raided by the rozzers for drug offences.Local musiciansContinue reading “Short, Sharp Interview: Jayne Casey – Liverpool Punk /Post Punk”