Recommended Read: Inside Straight by Ray Banks

Self- confessed geek Graham Ellis is a top-class casino pit boss who is ‘demoted’ to a low-rent casino is Salford after an altercation with his boss. While there he encounters Barry Pollard, a local gangster, and things soon spiral way out of his control. Ray Banks’ Inside Straight is a masterful slice of Brit GritContinue reading “Recommended Read: Inside Straight by Ray Banks”

Top Tips: Recommended Reads

So, what have I been reading of late? Well, I’ll tell you… Wolf Tickets by Ray Banks Things aren’t exactly tickety-boo for the aging hard man Cobb. He’s feeling his age, living in a dump of a flat, reduced to drinking gut-rot whiskey and shoplifting from charity shops. Then he gets a phone call fromContinue reading “Top Tips: Recommended Reads”

True Brit Grit At The Cinema And On TV

A bit back, I wrote an article for The Sabotage Times about Brit Grit television. I took a gander at three shows in particular, Public Eye, Gangsters and Cracker. All were in-your-face, hard-hitting crime dramas from the ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s respectively. And now, it looks like a bunch of the writers that have contributedContinue reading “True Brit Grit At The Cinema And On TV”