The Wrong Crowd at All Due Respect 7

The seventh issue of the splendid ALL DUE RESPECT MAGAZINE is out now and includes my review of Richard Godwin‘s latest crime novel Wrong Crowd.  And what else? Well there’s … ‘More kick ass crime fiction than you can handle from Ray Zacek, Joe L. Murr, Math Bird, Matthew J. Hockey, Brian Haycock, and Frank Byrns.Continue reading “The Wrong Crowd at All Due Respect 7”

Dominic Milne reviews The Gumshoe

Over at, ace crime writer Dominic Milne reviews The Gumshoe, and Other Brit Grit Yarns. Here’s what he says: ‘The Gumshoe And Other Brit Yarns are like a line of literary tequila slammers giving you a moment of a thrill, lined with a touch of salt (each one prompts a mouth-tingling buzz then makesContinue reading “Dominic Milne reviews The Gumshoe”

A Couple Of Top Reviews: The Neon Moon/ Guns Of Brixton

Graham Wynd takes a look at THE NEON MOON: A ROMAN DALTON ANTHOLOGY. ‘Another fistful of fun from Blackwitch Press. A bunch of terrific writers run away with Paul D. Brazill‘s werewolf detective Roman Dalton and the dark madness of The City.‘ Read the rest here. Nigel Bird takes a gander at GUNS OF BRIXTON.Continue reading “A Couple Of Top Reviews: The Neon Moon/ Guns Of Brixton”

Dominic Milne reviews A Case Of Noir

‘Luke Case is every bit the worthy protagonist of this archetypal piece of noir. His capacity for hard living is only just surpassed by his will to survive, in this fast-moving Euro-crime caper. Case doesn’t so much step on toes, as climb all over the clutches of the various gangsters he meets along the way,Continue reading “Dominic Milne reviews A Case Of Noir”

13 Shots Of Noir reviewed at Everythingnoir.

’13 Shots of Noir is a short story collection from Paul D. Brazill. All 13 of these stories are very short and snappy. In most of these stories I felt if Raymond Chandler was writing today, it would read a lot like this. His characters have sharp tongues and use smart ass remarks mixed withContinue reading “13 Shots Of Noir reviewed at Everythingnoir.”

Detectives Beyond Borders reviews 13 Shots Of Noir

‘My latest epiphany has come with the opening stories of Paul D. Brazill‘s 13 Shots of Noir. The stories are all dark, of course, in the sense that their characters do terrible things,  but they are filled with humor, and one even has a happy ending of a kind.’ Read the rest HERE.

Route 66 And All That is Reviewed at Dark Musings

The ROGUE anthology is reviewed by Anthony Watson at DARK MUSINGS. Here’s what he has to say about my yarn: ‘There’s politics too – though in a subtle, tangential way and even some humour – though of the darkest variety. The latter is most evident in Paul D Brazill’s Route 66 and All That whichContinue reading “Route 66 And All That is Reviewed at Dark Musings”

Guns Of Brixton reviewed at Lovereading

The legendary Maxim Jakubowski gives Guns Of Brixton a great review in his latest monthly column at Lovereading. ‘Poland-based British author Brazill is one of the leading lights of a burgeoning independent crime publishing landscape in which he has been a prolific pen as well as nurturing editor. This short novel is an expansion ofContinue reading “Guns Of Brixton reviewed at Lovereading”

Guns Of Brixton reviewed at Crimesquad

There’s a great FIVE STAR review of GOB by Graham Smith over at the prestigious CRIMESQUAD. ‘Guns of Brixton’ is a taut story wrapped around the possession of a briefcase with mysterious contents. Told from disparate viewpoints it follows a bunch of unwieldy yet utterly believable characters as they get dragged into an ever worseningContinue reading “Guns Of Brixton reviewed at Crimesquad”

A Couple Of Great Reviews For Guns Of Brixton

CRIME FICTION LOVER says : ‘populated by a rogue’s gallery of scoundrels and swindlers with names like Half-Pint Harry and Anarchy Al, and their dirty deeds are done dirt cheap. The musical name dropping proves infectious thanks to the skill of the author, and the book is big fun to read.’ DETECTIVES BEYOND BORDERS saysContinue reading “A Couple Of Great Reviews For Guns Of Brixton”