Publishers Weekly Review Last Year’s Man

Publishers Weekly have reviewed my book  Last Year’s Man– which is due out in June from All Due Respect / Down & Out Books. And it’s a good one, too! ‘Tommy Bennett, the narrator of this violent, darkly funny short novel from Brazill (A Case of Noir), is nearing 60 and the end of his unlikely careerContinue reading “Publishers Weekly Review Last Year’s Man”

A Couple of Top Reviews

BRISTOL NOIR takes a gander at GUNS OF BRIXTON and says:  ‘Rich quick-fire dialogue full of colorful characters fill each page from start to finish. Their words are all delivered like solid noir gold bricks; bang, bang, bang; building up a wall of intermixed noir screwball fun that leaves you looking forward to the finalContinue reading “A Couple of Top Reviews”

Henry Brock Reviews Cold London Blues

And says: ‘ 5 out of 5 stars  London is a violent violent town February 21, 2018 There are so many gems in Paul D. Brazill’s “Cold London Blues” that this review could contain nothing but a bulleted list. If I did that, surely it would be enough to convince you that you need to read thisContinue reading “Henry Brock Reviews Cold London Blues”

Chris Rhatigan Reviews A Case Of Noir

Over at GOODREADS , Chris says: ‘Luke Case is a “journalist” adrift in an expat’s sea of booze, smoke, sex, shady characters and shadier dealings. He hops around Europe running from his past, but you can’t run forever. Or maybe you can? Doesn’t matter. This is more excellent entertainment from PDB, who makes for aContinue reading “Chris Rhatigan Reviews A Case Of Noir”

Martin Stanley Reviews Too Many Crooks

Over at Goodreads, ace Brit Grit writer Martin Stanley says: ‘Fast moving, funny, crime caper with Brazill’s usual abundance of wordplay, in-jokes, and crooks looking to get one-over on each other. It is a mix of the Quentin Tarantino multi-character McGuffin (in this case, of a Nazi ring) and a Carry-On film. It never takesContinue reading “Martin Stanley Reviews Too Many Crooks”

Martin Stanley picks Kill Me Quick! as one of his Top Five Reads of 2017

Martin gives an end of year report regarding his own wrting and picks five fave reads from 2017, one of which is Kill Me Quick! ‘Kill Me Quick by Paul D. Brazill: You can always rely on Paul Brazill for a nifty turn of phrase, a superb one-liner, or a nice piece of description. He alsoContinue reading “Martin Stanley picks Kill Me Quick! as one of his Top Five Reads of 2017”