Jack Strange Reviews Cold London Blues

Over at his blog, Jack Strange says: ‘The story itself is a can of worms into which the freakish cast is drawn willy nilly, through their different points of contact with a criminal family, a heist, a number of hits, and one or two murders that aren’t hits. But this book isn’t just about charactersContinue reading “Jack Strange Reviews Cold London Blues”

Keith Nixon Reviews Big City Blues

Over at Amazon.co.uk , ace crime writer Keith Nixon says: 5 out of 5 stars Brazill does it again ‘Poland based British author Paul Brazill serves up another belting slice of noir with a splash of dark humour. Seven interlinked stories follow with an international flavour, leaping principally between London and New York with Durham andContinue reading “Keith Nixon Reviews Big City Blues”

Roman Dalton Gets A Couple Of Top Reviews

Over at Amazon.co. uk, Chloë Yates reviews DRUNK ON THE MOON: A ROMAN DALTON ANTHOLOGY and says: ‘Cracking stuff. You won’t be sorry, but you will be throughly entertained.’ And Tom Leins takes a gander at THE NEON BONEYARD: A ROMAN DALTON YARN and says: ‘The Neon Boneyard is a snarling supernatural crime yarn from Brit-grit powerContinue reading “Roman Dalton Gets A Couple Of Top Reviews”

James Newman Reviews Big City Blues

And says: ‘Brazill has a way with words and, yeah, he uses them here wisely. The character building is solid in all his books, the locations are real enough to touch and smell, and the humor is omnipresent. This man’s books are laugh-aloud hilarious simply because Brazill is a wickedly smart humorous writer who neverContinue reading “James Newman Reviews Big City Blues”

Col’s Criminal Library Reviews Big City Blues

And says: ‘A bit of what we had in store………. coppers with a penchant for karaoke, criminal families, a Polish policewoman on secondment to the UK, a serial killer called Marjorie Razorblades, an American alcoholic and his irritated wife, prostitutes, death by knitting needle, death by baseball bat, dual settings of London and New York,Continue reading “Col’s Criminal Library Reviews Big City Blues”

Jason Beech Reviews Guns Of Brixton

Over at his blog, ace crime writer JASON BEECH SAYS: ‘Guns of Brixton is a mutt, bred from Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Pulp Fiction, The Sweeney, and the Carry On films. All of this could have been a mushy stew, but Brazill has such a way with words and structure that this is allContinue reading “Jason Beech Reviews Guns Of Brixton”

Dave Wilde Reviews 13 Shots Of Noir

Over at Goodreads, he says: ‘These are all good stories. “The Tut” begins with the unforgettable line: “After enduring forty-five years of a marriage that was at best, like wading through treacle, Oliver Robinson eventually had enough and smothered his wife with the beige corduroy cushion that he’d accidentally burned with a cigarette two fraughtContinue reading “Dave Wilde Reviews 13 Shots Of Noir”

Nigel Bird reviews Cold London Blues

Over at his blog, Nigel says: ‘Cold London Blues has an elongated title – Ealing Comedy meets Pulp Fiction and has a love child. I honestly think that says it better than I could by filling the page. The humour is everywhere, from the scenes and situations to the crazy pun-filled dialogue. Laugh-a-minute is whatContinue reading “Nigel Bird reviews Cold London Blues”