Carcass at The Flash Fiction Offensive

OUT OF THE GUTTER ONLINE’S FLASH FICTION OFFENSIVE have kicked off their GUTTERAL SCREAMS series of  Halloween yarns with a slice of Punk Fiction from me called CARCASS. ‘Ava drove her battered, old Ford Escort to the edge of the forest and parked beneath a pine tree. As she sat and watched the autumn rainContinue reading “Carcass at The Flash Fiction Offensive”

Recommended Reads: April 2017

Some recent faves … The Things I Love Will Kill Me Yet by Rob Pierce Rob Pierce is surely the noir Raymond Carver. In this brutal and brilliant short story collection you’ll find a veritable cornucopia of tightly written and gritty tales of people living on the razor’s edge of life. Highly recommended. Fun CityContinue reading “Recommended Reads: April 2017”