Have A Brit Grit Christmas!

I asked a bunch of Brit Grit writers about their favourite Christmas book, film and song, and this is what they said: Martina Cole: Well my favourite Christmas book has to be John Updike and Edward Gorey’s ‘The Twelve Terrors of Christmas.’ Film has to be Lon Chaney as The Wolfman. I love old horrorsContinue reading “Have A Brit Grit Christmas!”

Recommended Reads: Lady In Red by Sheila Quigley

Sheila Quigley– the Queen Of Brit Grit – returns to her best-selling Seahills Estate series after a break to pen the high-octane Holy Island thriller trilogy. And to say the break has reinvigorated her is an understatement. In Lady In Red, multiple plot threads abound – a man fresh out of prison and bent onContinue reading “Recommended Reads: Lady In Red by Sheila Quigley”

Short, Sharp Interview: Sheila Quigley

PDB: Why did you decide to write a trilogy – Thorn In My Side, Nowhere Man, The Final Countdown – instead of a standalone or on-going series?   I had started Stand By Me, which was to be number six, but now more likely to be number seven when suddenly this street kid named SmilerContinue reading “Short, Sharp Interview: Sheila Quigley”

True Brit Grit At The Cinema And On TV

A bit back, I wrote an article for The Sabotage Times about Brit Grit television. I took a gander at three shows in particular, Public Eye, Gangsters and Cracker. All were in-your-face, hard-hitting crime dramas from the ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s respectively. And now, it looks like a bunch of the writers that have contributedContinue reading “True Brit Grit At The Cinema And On TV”


Hit The North: SHEILA QUIGLEY INTERVIEW  According to WIKIPEDIA ‘Sheila Quigley became a national news story when Random House acquired her first novel, Run For Home, with major coverage throughout the press and television. A documentary about Sheila and the making of Run for HomeBBC1. Her latest novel, Road to Hell, was published by TontoContinue reading “HIT THE NORTH! SHEILA QUIGLEY INTERVIEW”