Short, Sharp Interview: Tom Pitts

PDB: You latest book is called 101. What’s it all about? In a nutshell, it’s set against the Northern California pot business on the cusp of legalization. A kid on the run from trouble in San Francisco goes to hide out there and brings a whole lot of trouble with him. There’s a wild arrayContinue reading “Short, Sharp Interview: Tom Pitts”

Short, Sharp Interview: David Nolan

PDB: What’s going on? I’m just recovering from the shock of my first novel being published. I still struggle saying the N Word… novel. It sounds so weird. Author is quite utilitarian but novelist still sounds suspect to me. This is the bit where I plug the book, right? It’s called Black Moss and it’sContinue reading “Short, Sharp Interview: David Nolan”

Short, Sharp Interview: Paul Heatley

PDB: What’s going on?   Nothing much, I’m just coming off a chest infection so I’m taking my time with most things as I get breathless very easily. Other than that, it’s same old, same old. Plugging away, writing, reading – the usual.   PDB: Do you listen to music when you work?   Sometimes,Continue reading “Short, Sharp Interview: Paul Heatley”

Short, Sharp Interview: Alex Shaw

PDB: What’s going on? I’m sitting in Doha, and crossing my fingers in preparation for the release of the HQ Digital/HarperCollins editions of my Aidan Snow thrillers – Cold Blood, Cold East and Cold Black. They’re out in ebook on the 14th of September and then the paperback release dates are staged by a monthContinue reading “Short, Sharp Interview: Alex Shaw”

Short, Sharp Interview: Dietrich Kalteis

What the hell is a Poughkeepsie Shuffle? It’s when you take the story’s main character, Jeff Nichols, and release him from prison. He tries to get his life in order, but no matter what move he makes, it’s the wrong one. But, dancing as fast as he can, Jeff’s not one to give up easily.Continue reading “Short, Sharp Interview: Dietrich Kalteis”

Short, Sharp Interview: Beau Johnson

PDB: What’s going on? BJ:  Let’s see…oh yes, I have a new book coming out.  It’s called THE BIG MACHINE EATS.  A loose follow-up to my first collection, A BETTER KIND OF HATE, it includes direct sequels to a few of the stories found there, and of course, the ongoing narrative of Bishop Rider, butContinue reading “Short, Sharp Interview: Beau Johnson”

Short, Sharp Interview: David Owain Hughes

PDB: What’s going on? So much! This new release has me chasing my tail, what with having to contact copious amounts of editors for local magazines and newspapers, bloggers, reviewers and anyone else with a dark, dingy corner on the internet willing to advertise it on their website. I’m also knee-deep in interviews. Combined, it’s taking upContinue reading “Short, Sharp Interview: David Owain Hughes”

Short, Sharp Interview: John Bowie

PDB: What’s going on?   JB: Reading, drinking, being a silly father, reading more, being a trying husband, and… drinking more. Oh, and scribbling and writing — for my sanity and madness; all in perfect balance. Teetering on life’s beautiful edge that’s fueled by all the pre-mentioned that put me there in the first place.Continue reading “Short, Sharp Interview: John Bowie”

Short, Sharp Interview: Gary M. Dobbs

PDB: What’s going on?   I’m pretty much working flat out – the day job, writing and now trying to push my wartime crime thriller, Down Among The Dead. There are some brilliant authors out there with wonderful books and each writer has to compete, try to shout louder to get their work noticed inContinue reading “Short, Sharp Interview: Gary M. Dobbs”

Short, Sharp Interview: Alex Segura

PDB: What’s going on? Right this second, I’m on a train to Charlottesville, VA for the Virginia Festival of the Book, with fellow Polis Books crime writer Rob Hart – who writes the acclaimed Ash McKenna series. In a more macro sense, I’m prepping for the launch of Blackout, my fourth Pete Fernandez Miami Mystery,Continue reading “Short, Sharp Interview: Alex Segura”

Short, Sharp Interview: Richard Godwin

PDB: What’s going on? Well my new novel Android Love, Human Skin is newly released. It’s a sci fi dystopian thriller with a lot of scenes exploring sexuality and gender. Here’s the blurb: Welcome to a world of four genders. A dystopian science fiction novel that explores the nature of gender and sexual conflict andContinue reading “Short, Sharp Interview: Richard Godwin”

Short, Sharp Interview: Donna Collins

PDB: What’s going on? I have my debut trilogy launching on 5th January 2018 and to say I’m excited is an understatement. These three books: The Sacrifice, Resurrection, and The Undoing, have been years in the making, kicking off when my Aussie friend Natalie Joppich asked me to write a screenplay with her. Fast-forward manyContinue reading “Short, Sharp Interview: Donna Collins”

Short, Sharp Interview: Jack Strange

PDB: What’s going on? Right now I’m heavily into promoting my latest book – a noir crime thriller called Manchester Vice. PDB: Do you listen to music when you work? No, I prefer silence and the view out the window. Plus the occasional low groan from the victims I keep chained up in my cellar. PDB:Continue reading “Short, Sharp Interview: Jack Strange”

Short, Sharp Interview: K S Hunter

PDB: What’s going on? I’ve been busy becoming K.S. Hunter. That’s not my real name. As myself, I’m an international bestselling author and I’ve written three novels. I’m typically a crime thriller writer, so when a new avenue made itself apparent, K.S. Hunter was born. PDB: Do you listen to music when you work? Absolutely.Continue reading “Short, Sharp Interview: K S Hunter”