I’m On The TV

“Noir is closer to Laurel and Hardy than it is to Agatha Christie” At the recent Alibi noir festival in Slovenia. Here’s me on RTV 4′s arts programme, Glasnik, talking about noir to journalist Petra Skok. With Renato Bratkovič, Neven Skgratic, Eddie Vega, Andrej Predin and the impression of Richard Godwin. More about the festival soooon … http://4d.rtvslo.si/arhiv/glasnik-oddaja-tv-maribor/174362622

Alibi International Crime/ Noir Festival

ALIBI is the first Slovenian festival of Crime&Noir literature in idyllic Gora pod lipo. It’s organised by Gora, Artizan advertising agency and publishing house (concept and communication), Hotel Jakec (lodging for guest writers) and Tednik Panorama(media sponsor). And I’ll be there at the end of September, along with Richard Godwin, Eddie Vega, Andrej Predin, Neven Škrgatić. FindContinue reading “Alibi International Crime/ Noir Festival”

Out Now: Od Lune pijan / Drunk On The Moon

Roman Dalton is an average booze-guzzling PI. But only until the moon is full … Then he’s everything but average. And now he speaks Slovene! Od Lune pijan / Drunk On The Moon  Paul D. Brazill (Author), Renato Bratkovič (Translator) My original Roman Dalton – Werewolf PI yarn has now been translated by Slovenian noirContinue reading “Out Now: Od Lune pijan / Drunk On The Moon”