David Nemeth interviews me at Do Some Damage

‘David: I enjoyed one of your latest books, “Last Year’s Man” which displays the wit in your writing. So, what makes Brits funnier than Americans? Kidding. A bit of a safer question, what is it that makes the English so damn funny? Paul: I think the Brits revel in our own ridiculousness, we know that life andContinue reading “David Nemeth interviews me at Do Some Damage”

Recommended Read: Marwick’s Reckoning by Gareth Spark

Marwick is a broken man. Broken but not shattered. Marwick is a violent London gangster, an enforcer who has moved to Spain for a quieter life and who is eventually embroiled in drug smuggling, murder and more. Published by Near To The Knuckle, Marwick’s Reckoning by Gareth Spark is fantastic. Like a Brit Grit GrahamContinue reading “Recommended Read: Marwick’s Reckoning by Gareth Spark”

Death On A Hot Afternoon – Out Now !!!

A bit back , I wrote the novelette RED ESPERANTO/ ROSSO ESPERANTO for the hip Italian publishers ATLANTIS. It’s the story of an English hack-Luke Case- up to no good in Warsaw, Poland. Well, ATLANTIS  have now published a follow up – DEATH ON A HOT AFTERNOON– which takes Luke Case to Madrid, Spain. The ItalianContinue reading “Death On A Hot Afternoon – Out Now !!!”