Keep It Simple. Keep It Short.

  I think I’ve always liked singles more than LPs. Preferred the short, sharp burst of a 45 rpm vinyl to 33 and 1/3 rpm of a few decent tunes padded out with fillers. And maybe that’s why I was drawn to flash fiction. I started off my crime writing ‘career’ – arf – submittingContinue reading “Keep It Simple. Keep It Short.”

#FRIDAY FLASH: Pretty Green at Spelk Fiction.

I’m flashing at Spelk Fiction again. ‘Gareth Jones had been sober for a little over six months when the royalty cheque came, out of the blue. Just like that. He licked his lips and then sighed deeply as he prepared himself for the inevitable crash that was to come.’ Read the rest of Pretty GreenContinue reading “#FRIDAY FLASH: Pretty Green at Spelk Fiction.”

Bits n Bobs: News, Updates etc

Bits n Bobs: The Drag Noir anthology – edited by K A Laity and published by Fox Spirit – is out now and over here you can find out what inspired my yarn ‘A Bit Of A Pickle’ … My new Brit Grit Alley column is live at Out Of the Gutter Online and includesContinue reading “Bits n Bobs: News, Updates etc”