Stories For Saturday: In The (Reservoir) Dog House by Paul D. Brazill

Bonny is volcanic. She’s so angry that she can hardly speak but, unfortunately for me, hardly is the operative word. As she tries to scrub the blood stains from my best white shirt, she goes on and on about the meal she’d cooked the night before and how long it had taken her to cookContinue reading “Stories For Saturday: In The (Reservoir) Dog House by Paul D. Brazill”

Stories For Sunday: Amore, Formetta, Peters.

The Garbage Collector by Dani Amore The Garbage Collector is part private eye, part hit man. He is hired by a group of big shot Detroit lawyers to head off to Florida and track down  their former partner, who has absconded with some important confidential documents.  The missing lawyer is also a former Delta ForceContinue reading “Stories For Sunday: Amore, Formetta, Peters.”

Stories For Sunday : Black, Krohn, Laity, Rosmus.

There are lots of juicy slices of short fiction out and about the interweb at the moment. Get stuck into this little lot: Christopher Black makes his debut at Thrillers, Killers n Chillers with a visceral and lyrical tale of one man’s descent into HELL. Bydgoszcz born globetrotter Magdalena Krohn is over at Litro with DREAM GUN.Continue reading “Stories For Sunday : Black, Krohn, Laity, Rosmus.”

Stories For Sunday: Walker, Graham & Vaughn

Three corkers this week. Carrying by Stephen Walker. Stephen Walker is a writer who first came to my attention thanks to his excellent and addictive Steve Does Comics blog . Well, he’s just published a load of ebooks and judging by Carrying he’s someone well worth checking out if your a fan of paranormal/ urbanContinue reading “Stories For Sunday: Walker, Graham & Vaughn”