Short, Sharp Interview: Scotch Rutherford

PDB: Can you pitch YOUR NEW BOOK in 25 words or less? Switchblade Issue 1—the very latest no-limit crime fiction anthology. Featuring the very best in the business outside the big 5; a real steal for only $6.95 PDB: Which music, books, films, songs or television shows do you wish you had written? I wishContinue reading “Short, Sharp Interview: Scotch Rutherford”

Switchblade is OUT NOW!

Cutting edge suspense under extreme tension. Quick & dirty flash fiction and sharp & deadly crime fiction at your fingertips; featuring a motley crew of 13 usual suspects, and new blood. This is it: the first cut of Switchblade. No-limit crime culture springs to life at the hands of Paul D. Brazill, Preston Lang, LiamContinue reading “Switchblade is OUT NOW!”

Switchblade Magazine – The Line Up

SWITCHBLADE First Issue Lineup: Arriving in early March of 2017, and featuring a motley crew of noir fiction usual suspects, along with some new blood; here are the lucky thirteen. The eight short fiction authors, and five flash fiction authors who will appear in the very first cut of SWITCHBLADE: Tom Leins Liam Sweeny Patrick Bates TravisContinue reading “Switchblade Magazine – The Line Up”