May 4 – 10: How do you select and research exotic locations?

‘It’s standing room only this week! Join ITW members R.G. Belsky, Ian Pisarcik, Paul D. Brazill, Paul Levine, Diane Byington, Elena Taylor, Tom Young, Tim Tigner, Mary Lawrence, Joe Ricker, Dana King, Arthur Kerns, Ann Simas, Kaye D. Schmitz, Nick Thacker and JoAnn Smith Ainsworth as they discuss the use of exotic locations in thrillers. How do you select and research those places? Scroll down to the “comments” section to followContinue reading “May 4 – 10: How do you select and research exotic locations?”

Tim O’Mara interviews me at The Big Thrill

‘Paul Brazill’s newest novella, MAN OF THE WORLD, features aging hitman Tommy Bennett, who has left London and returned to his coastal hometown, hoping for a peaceful retirement. It isn’t long before his past catches up with him, sending him running back to London—only to find that mayhem awaits him there as well. I askedContinue reading “Tim O’Mara interviews me at The Big Thrill”

ITW Roundtable discussion July 23-29

I’m over at The Big Thrill taking part in the ITW Roundtable discussion July 23- 29: “How do you choose your character’s names?” ‘With ThrillerFest firmly in our rearview mirror and our writing bucket full of inspiration, we turn to ITW Members Alan Jacobson, Dani Pettry, Patrick Oster, Jay Brandon, Robert J. Stava, Paul D. Brazill, Kim Alexander, Sarah Simpson, William Boyle, David Orange and Lisa Black as theyContinue reading “ITW Roundtable discussion July 23-29”