The Man From Esperanto BY PAUL D. BRAZILL

So, you’re in Warsaw’s Esperanto district hiding from an obscenely large, bullet-headed man wielding a baseball bat. In a pizza oven. And, to paraphrase the singer David Byrne, you might ask yourself –how the fuck did I get here? Sir Arthur Conan Doyle once described London as being a ‘great cesspool into which the flotsam andContinue reading “The Man From Esperanto BY PAUL D. BRAZILL”

I’m Interviewed by Jason Beech at The Flash Fiction Offensive

‘Born in legendary England, but having sojourned in Poland for some time, Brit-Grit author Paul D. Brazill typically pens what he calls “screwball noir.” His writing has been translated into Italian, Finnish, Polish, German and Slovene. His work has also been published in various magazines and anthologies, including The Mammoth Books of Best British Crime.Continue reading “I’m Interviewed by Jason Beech at The Flash Fiction Offensive”

I’m Interviewed By Chris Rhatigan

Chris Rhatigan interviews me over at the All Due Respect blog: ‘Paul D. Brazill is one of the most entertaining and original voices in the independent crime fiction community. I recently spoke with him about Last Year’s Man, his latest book through All Due Respect about ageing hit man Tommy Bennett. — When I first learned aboutContinue reading “I’m Interviewed By Chris Rhatigan”

Carcass at The Flash Fiction Offensive

OUT OF THE GUTTER ONLINE’S FLASH FICTION OFFENSIVE have kicked off their GUTTERAL SCREAMS series of  Halloween yarns with a slice of Punk Fiction from me called CARCASS. ‘Ava drove her battered, old Ford Escort to the edge of the forest and parked beneath a pine tree. As she sat and watched the autumn rainContinue reading “Carcass at The Flash Fiction Offensive”


Book submissions are currently open at ALL DUE RESPECT, the splendid publishers who’ve put out books by the likes of Rob Pierce, Paul Heatley, Eric Beetner, Marietta Miles, Alec Cizak, and even me. They say: Submissions are open. What we want: low-life literature. Criminals, thugs, douchebags, cheaters, gamblers, pickpockets, ne’er-do-wells, guns, cigarettes, bath salts, booze, beer,Continue reading “Submissions”

Short, Sharp Interview: Beau Johnson

PDB: Can you pitch your latest book in 25 words? BJ:  Nope.  Not enough space.  If I had more space, maybe.  But even then, maybe not.  Hate.  The book is about hate.  How we can use it better. PDB: Which music, book, films or television do you wish you had written? BJ:  Oh man, thereContinue reading “Short, Sharp Interview: Beau Johnson”

I’m at the Flash Fiction Offensive

With a little yarn called The Contender: ‘It was a Saturday night and The Cobble Bar was only slightly busier than it was midweek, which really wasn’t very. Indeed, if the place hadn’t been useful for the local criminal fraternity–money laundering, distribution of contraband and the like—it would have closed down years ago. A bigContinue reading “I’m at the Flash Fiction Offensive”

Christmas Wrapping at The Flash Fiction Offensive.

Over at OUT OF THE GUTTER ONLINE they’re celebrating THE TWELVE DAZE OF CHRISTMAS. A different flash fiction story is posted every day until Crimbo. It’s my turn today with CHRISTMAS WRAPPING. ‘‘It’s child abuse, when you think about it,’ said David Ryan. He nodded toward the television screen, which was filled with McCauley Culkin’sContinue reading “Christmas Wrapping at The Flash Fiction Offensive.”


Frankie fidgets on the wobbly bar-stool.  Takes a swig of Guinness, then a sip of Jack Daniels. Grimaces. Shuffles his shoulders. Feels a joint crack. Sighs. ‘Me and my big mouth, eh? Another case of foot in mouth disease,’ he says. He chuckles to himself.  Takes a pork scratching from a half empty bag. StuffsContinue reading “#FRIDAY FLASH: HE’LL HAVE TO GO.”

Sheila, Take A Bow at The Flash Fiction Offensive.

I’m flashing at OUT OF THE GUTTER‘s FLASH FICTION OFFENSIVE again. ‘She’s lost the plot again. It’s the third time this week. Sheila should never have come off her meds in the first place and now she’s just bounced straight back onto the cider. In fact, she’s bouncing around my front room at the moment,Continue reading “Sheila, Take A Bow at The Flash Fiction Offensive.”

A Story For Sunday: Never One To Do Things By Half by Beau Johnson

  ‘He knows he’s fucked the moment I ask if it should be Agent Brand I call him now, or would it be better if we still went with Hank.  I tell him I can’t do Ryan though, a name I just couldn’t comprehend when I looked at his face.’ Read the rest here atContinue reading “A Story For Sunday: Never One To Do Things By Half by Beau Johnson”