‘The stories in The Last Laugh are vivid and violent slices of Brit Grit and international noir, full of gaudy characters and dialogue sharp enough to cut your throat. The Last Laugh is a violent and blackly comic look at life through a shot glass darkly.’ From France, to Spain, to the northeast of England,Continue reading “The LAST LAUGH: CRIME STORIES BY PAUL D. BRAZILL”

A Story For Sunday: This Old House

Ten Sycamore Hill was, in Peter James’ mind, the font of all of his misfortunes. While women, work, cars and kids came and went, the only constant in Peter’s turbulent life – apart from the copious amounts of alcohol that he consumed, of course – was that weather-beaten Victorian detached house overlooking Hart Village; itsContinue reading “A Story For Sunday: This Old House”

Dead Pimp In A Trunk by Paul D. Brazill

I WAS GOING to tell you about why I killed Lewis Quad and how he’d had it coming to him. How he’d asked for it and deserved everything he got. Tell you what an evil bastard he was and how many lives he’d destroyed over the years. All the shitty little things he’d done just becauseContinue reading “Dead Pimp In A Trunk by Paul D. Brazill”


THE LAST LAUGH: CRIME STORIES by Paul D. Brazill — Published by All Due Respect, an imprint of Down & Out Books (February 2018) • Trade Paperback — $13.95 (includes FREE digital formats!) • eBook Formats — $5.99 SUMMER 2018 PROMOTION: $2.99 Also available from the following retailers … • Amazon — Trade Paperback | eBook • Barnes & Noble — TradeContinue reading “THE LAST LAUGH SUMMER 2018 PROMOTION: $2.99”

The Last Laugh is currently only 99p!

My short story collection, THE LAST LAUGH, is currently a KINDLE COUNTDOWN DEAL, which means it’s only 99p for the next few days. ‘From France, to Spain, to the north east of England, hit men, gangsters, corrupt cops, drunks, punks, and petty thieves all tumble toward the abyss. The stories in The Last Laugh areContinue reading “The Last Laugh is currently only 99p!”

Pat McDonald Reviews The Last Laugh.

Over at and , Pat McDonald says: More characters to make your smile muscles ache! ‘Another extraordinary fun filled book of short stories from Paul D Brazill you just have to read. A veritable cornucopia of exquisitely described characters that any one of them could make a novel feature in their own rightContinue reading “Pat McDonald Reviews The Last Laugh.”

Colman Keane Reviews The Last Laugh

Over at Col’s Criminal Library, Col says: ’20 short stories here from the master. Humour, violence, action, horror, scams, capers and more. Cross paths with …….posties, barmen, club owners, Petula Clark, pig farmers, Frank Sinatra, Pink Floyd, Heaven 17, Ronnie and Reggie, Polish molls, Ukrainian whores, nagging wives and hen-pecked husbands, dead pimps, hitch-hikers andContinue reading “Colman Keane Reviews The Last Laugh”

Warren Stalley Reviews The Last Laugh

Over at, Warren Stalley gives my short story collection The Last Laugh  FIVE stars and says: ‘The Last Laugh by author Paul D Brazill brings together a variety of old and new stories in one darkly, gritty collection. Peppered with classic one liners and black gallows humour these are tales of international noir, BritContinue reading “Warren Stalley Reviews The Last Laugh”

Dave Wilde Reviews The Last Laugh

Over at, Dave Wilde says: ‘Reading Brazill’s Last Laugh is a bit like finding yourself in an episode of the British version of Shameless after a night of pub crawling and wondering how the hell you found yourself there. Pubs, drinking, blokes, tough guys, drunks, cheats, comedians, East European whores, and some rather off-colorContinue reading “Dave Wilde Reviews The Last Laugh”

Punk Fiction!

There has been a long and varied tradition of songwriters taking their song titles from books: Venus In Furs – The Velvet Underground, Wuthering Heights – Kate Bush, Lost Weekend – Lloyd Cole, 1984- David Bowie, Absolute Beginners- David Bowie. And, of course, it goes the other way too. My book Guns Of Brixton tookContinue reading “Punk Fiction!”