The Liberator by Paul D. Brazill

Weather the storm, they say. Let the dust settle. Bide your time. Wait. But what if that storm never stops raging? What then? Even if you cut off one of the Hydra’s heads, another grows back. It is, as Simon Bolivar once said, like trying to reap the ocean. But still I slice. Still IContinue reading “The Liberator by Paul D. Brazill”

Pre-order Supernatural Noir for 99c/ 99p!

Werewolves, vampires and other creatures of the night prowl the neon and blood soaked streets in this sharp short story collection that places the supernatural in a hardboiled noir world. “If you like noir then you’ll love this. If you like supernatural fiction you’ll love this. If you like great descriptive prose you’ll love this.” –Continue reading “Pre-order Supernatural Noir for 99c/ 99p!”

The Liberator is BACK!

 THE LIBERATOR is on sale again. The skinny: A priest tracks down his kidnapped sister and finds her trapped in a nest of evil. Van Helsing meets The Punisher in The Liberator, a hard-boiled noir/ horror short story from Paul D. Brazill creator of Roman Dalton – Werewolf PI. ‘5.0 out of 5 stars Highly ChargedContinue reading “The Liberator is BACK!”