After enduring forty-five years of a marriage that was, at best, like wading through treacle, Oliver Beacock Robinson eventually had enough and smothered his wife with the beige corduroy cushion that he’d accidentally burned with a cigarette two fraught days before. Oliver had been, for most of his life, a temperate man and he hadContinue reading “THE TUT BY PAUL D. BRAZILL”

The Tut is at Tales To Terrify

My yarn THE TUT is currently over at the horror podcast TALES TO TERRIFY. Tales To Terrify 168 Dunham Brazill Hemphill The full line-up is: Coming Up: Good Evening: 00:37 T. Fox Dunham’s The Missing Ingredient: 02:22 Paul D Brazill’s The Tut: 11:56 JC Hemphill’s Cheating the Shroud: 19:38 Pleasant Dreams: 33:06 Check it out!