Recommended Read: Blood Line by Paul Heatley

Tom Rollins is a former CIA operative who is AWOL and on the run. When his younger brother and his wife are attacked my a neo-Nazi group, Rollins makes it his business to get involved – with violent results. I’m a big fan of Paul Heatley‘s previous books – brit grit, lowlife noir, dirty realismContinue reading “Recommended Read: Blood Line by Paul Heatley”

Recommended Read: Still Bleeding by Steve Mosby

‘Death has ripples’ ‘Death is contagious’ Sarah is only a young a child when her father talks to her about death and she is haunted by its spectre all her life. In fact, Sarah is not the only one of the characters in Steve Mosby’s brilliant Still Bleeding to have felt death’s ripples. Her close friend Alex Connor,Continue reading “Recommended Read: Still Bleeding by Steve Mosby”

Recommended Read: Czech M8 by Frank Westworth

JJ Stoner is a guitar-playing, Harley Davidson-riding contract killer who works for the shadier side of the British secret service. When his boss asks him to head off to Russia on a mission, and a friend asks him to kill an African despot, Stoner’s world gets even murkier than usual. Frank Westworth’s Czech M8 isContinue reading “Recommended Read: Czech M8 by Frank Westworth”

Short, Sharp Interview: J J Toner

PDB: What’s going on now? I’ve completed the Black Orchestra WW2 spy trilogy with A Postcard from Hamburg. The first book was strictly historical fiction. The second was an attempt to write a page turner – much more action adventure than history. With the third I tried to incorporate the best of both – soundContinue reading “Short, Sharp Interview: J J Toner”

Recommended Read: Third Person: A JJ Stoner short story by Frank Westworth

Frank Westworth’s JJ Stoner is an ex-soldier, a hit man, a blues musician, a biker. In THIRD PERSON, Stoner’s friend Bernadette realizes she is being tailed through the rainy Irish streets and decides to take action. THIRD PERSON, is a very enjoyable, funny and violent hard-boiled thriller, full of twists and turns. that works well asContinue reading “Recommended Read: Third Person: A JJ Stoner short story by Frank Westworth”

Short, Sharp Interview: Christoph Fischer

PDB: What’s going on now? I published my first ever thriller, THE HEALER, in January. It’s about a woman who turns to a charismatic but controversial healer as a last resort in her battle against cancer. PDB: How did you research this book? I could draw on my personal experiences with alternative therapists and IContinue reading “Short, Sharp Interview: Christoph Fischer”

Recommended Read: Everything Burns by Vincent Zandri

Reece Johnston is a best selling author who is  haunted by a childhood tragedy. When he gets back with his ex-wife, his life soon spirals out of control with fatal consequences. Everything Burns, Vincent Zandri’s marvelously enjoyable new novel, is like a lethal cocktail of Highsmith’s The Blunderer, Hickcock’s The Wrong Man and the CoenContinue reading “Recommended Read: Everything Burns by Vincent Zandri”

Short, Sharp Interview: Vincent Zandri

PDB: What’s going on now? Still recovering from a Noir at the Bar reading in Manhattan last evening. PDB: How did you research Everything Burns? Everything Burns pretty much really happened to me, minus all the fire stuff. But I did get back with my ex-wife, and for a while, she did date a writerContinue reading “Short, Sharp Interview: Vincent Zandri”

Recommended Read: Cold Blood by Alex Shaw

Aidan Snow, a retired SAS trooper who is now teaching English in Kiev, is hauled back into action to confront Bull, the man who almost killed him in Poland 10 years earlier. Alex Shaw’s Cold Blood is an immensely enjoyable and tightly written international spy thriller. The story moves from character to character and placeContinue reading “Recommended Read: Cold Blood by Alex Shaw”

Recommended Read: Rogue Male by Geoffrey Household

  When I was a kid I pretty much only read American comics. And I almost never read the books that teachers told us to read.  And the few ‘school’ books that I did read were usually like wading through molasses. Except this. Which I loved. Rogue Male was written and is set in 1938.Continue reading “Recommended Read: Rogue Male by Geoffrey Household”