Short, Sharp Interview: Tom Vater

PDB: Can you pitch The Man with the Golden Mind in 25 words or less? The Man with the Golden Mind is a detective thriller set against the backdrop of the CIA’s covert war in Laos in the 1960s. .PDB: Which music, books, films, songs or television shows do you wish you had written? AnyContinue reading “Short, Sharp Interview: Tom Vater”

What Goes On? Vater, Bird, Tomlinson, Miles.

Tom Vater I’ve just republished THE CAMBODIAN BOOK OF THE DEAD, the first in the Detective Maier Mystery series, with Crime Wave Press ( as a Kindle. The second book THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN MIND will be out soon as well. After the demise of Exhibit A Books, the original home of the MaierContinue reading “What Goes On? Vater, Bird, Tomlinson, Miles.”

Guest Blog: The Man with the Golden Mind by Tom Vater

From 1965 to 1973, the CIA ran its largest covert operation to date in Laos, a small landlocked Southeast Asian country neighboring China, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. During this time, the American secret service trained a secret army of montagnards (ethnic minorities) to fight the Laotian communists. The secret heart of this operation was anContinue reading “Guest Blog: The Man with the Golden Mind by Tom Vater”

Short, Sharp Interview : Tom Vater of Crime Wave Press

PDB: What is Crime Wave Press ? TV: Crime Wave Press is a Hong Kong based fiction imprint that endeavors to publish the best new crime novels from Asia and about Asia to readers around the globe. Founded in 2012 Crime Wave Press publishes a range of crime fiction – from whodunits to Noir andContinue reading “Short, Sharp Interview : Tom Vater of Crime Wave Press”