Recommended Read: Blackbird by Tom Wright

A psychologist is brutally murdered and crucified. Detective Jim ‘Biscuit’ Bonham is sent to investigate the murder and in  doing so he unearths some long buried secrets. Tom Wright’s Blackbird is the sequel to his marvelous and haunting debut novel, What Dies In Summer. Blackbird is equally as engaging and affective with its great characterization, lyricalContinue reading “Recommended Read: Blackbird by Tom Wright”

Recommended Read: What Dies In Summer by Tom Wright

A long hot summer casts long dark shadows. And dark shadows hide pitch black  secrets. And there are plenty of  shadows cast over Biscuit, a teenage boy who lives with his grandmother. His father is dead and his mother is shacked up with a violent thug. And then his cousin arrives in a state ofContinue reading “Recommended Read: What Dies In Summer by Tom Wright”