Guest Blog: Three Hours Past Midnight by Tony Knighton

Paul has graciously invited me to post an essay about my latest work Three Hours Past Midnight, a novel from Crime Wave Press, set in my hometown, Philadelphia, Pa.  In the first few pages the narrator and his partner burglarize the home of a wealthy, jailed Philadelphia politician.  It features the un-named protagonist from anContinue reading “Guest Blog: Three Hours Past Midnight by Tony Knighton”

Guest Blog: Crime Fiction and Philadelphia by Tony Knighton

Philadelphia is a funny place.  It’s a huge international city, a major communication and transportation hub, home to first-rate colleges and universities, major league sports teams, and magnificent buildings – high-rise corporate headquarters, stadiums and arenas, fabulous entertainment venues, and museums. It’s also Mayberry, small town America.  Many Philadelphians live and die in their neighborhood,Continue reading “Guest Blog: Crime Fiction and Philadelphia by Tony Knighton”

Short, Sharp Interview: Tony Knighton

PDB: What’s going on now?  I’m still working, still fighting fire. This past January I got transferred to the firehouse in Chinatown here in Philadelphia. Still reading and writing fiction. PDB: How did you research Happy Hour: And Other Philadelphia Cruelties? Mostly by asking questions.  It’s really interesting that most people seem to have been waitingContinue reading “Short, Sharp Interview: Tony Knighton”