Recommended Read: Still Bleeding by Steve Mosby

‘Death has ripples’ ‘Death is contagious’ Sarah is only a young a child when her father talks to her about death and she is haunted by its spectre all her life. In fact, Sarah is not the only one of the characters in Steve Mosby’s brilliant Still Bleeding to have felt death’s ripples. Her close friend Alex Connor,Continue reading “Recommended Read: Still Bleeding by Steve Mosby”

Recommended Read: Watching The Bodies by Graham Smith

Jake Boulder is a Scottish hardman transported to the USA who works as a bouncer and also as an assistant to his PI friend Alfonse. As they investigate the death of one of Jake’s old flames, they discover that there is a serial-killer on the loose. Watching The Bodies  is the first in what promisesContinue reading “Recommended Read: Watching The Bodies by Graham Smith”

Guest Blog:Looking Forward with Excitement by Graham Smith

At the time of writing my annual crime writing masterclasses are just over a month away. For me it’s a time of great excitement. Not only do I get to see the friends I’ve made over the previous years’ courses, I also get to learn from some top notch authors. This year Crime and PublishmentContinue reading “Guest Blog:Looking Forward with Excitement by Graham Smith”

Short, Sharp Interview: Matt Hilton

PDB: What’s going on now? I’m kind of busy at the moment; some of the time constraints are good, but some bad. I’m writing the second in a new series featuring a female investigator called Tess Grey, and her sidekick, Nicolas “Po” Villere, who is an ex-con, and have to have it ready before theContinue reading “Short, Sharp Interview: Matt Hilton”

Recommended Read: Snatched From Home by Graham Smith

In Graham Smith‘s debut crime novel, Snatched From Home, Nicholas Foulkes’ gambling debts lead to the kidnapping of his children. Meanwhile, unorthodox DI Harry Evans is due to retire and is showing the ropes to his priggish replacement. The two strands then cleverly intertwine. Smith smartly leads us into the book through the point ofContinue reading “Recommended Read: Snatched From Home by Graham Smith”

True Brit Grit now only 99p/ 99c!

TRUE BRIT GRIT. Edited by Paul D. Brazill and Luca Veste. Introduction by Maxim Jakubowski. The Line Up: 1. Two Fingers of Noir by Alan Griffiths 2. Eat Shit by Tony Black 3. Baby Face And Irn Bru by Allan Guthrie 4. Pretty Hot T’Ing by Adrian Magson 5. Black Betty by Sheila Quigley 6.Continue reading “True Brit Grit now only 99p/ 99c!”

Recommended Read: Inside Straight by Ray Banks

Self- confessed geek Graham Ellis is a top-class casino pit boss who is ‘demoted’ to a low-rent casino is Salford after an altercation with his boss. While there he encounters Barry Pollard, a local gangster, and things soon spiral way out of his control. Ray Banks’ Inside Straight is a masterful slice of Brit GritContinue reading “Recommended Read: Inside Straight by Ray Banks”

Recommended Read: The Dying Place by Luca Veste

When the body of a young man is found on the steps of a church, DI Murphy and DS Rossi – returning from Dead Gone,  Luca Veste‘s very enjoyable debut crime novel – are called in to investigate. Veste’s second novel is very impressive indeed. Mature and tightly written, The Dying Place is a truly humanistContinue reading “Recommended Read: The Dying Place by Luca Veste”

Top Telly: Brit Grit On The Box

It was announced a while ago that Acorn Media, who are the main distributor of British TV programming to North American consumers, had acquired a 64% stake in Agatha Christie Limited. This means that those delicate folk across the pond will have hours of Miss Marple and Poirot to nibble on while they wait for BBC’s latest incarnation of Sherlock or the Inspector Morse prequel, Endeavour. In comparisonContinue reading “Top Telly: Brit Grit On The Box”

Short, Sharp Interview: Graham Smith

PDB: What’s going on now? GNS: Caffeine Nights have just released my debut novel Snatched from Home plus a short story collection which allows readers to meet the police team in Snatched from Home. I’m also now able to announce that Snatched is to be made into a stage play and featured as part ofContinue reading “Short, Sharp Interview: Graham Smith”