Out Now: Od Lune pijan / Drunk On The Moon

drunk on the moon SloveneRoman Dalton is an average booze-guzzling PI. But only until the moon is full … Then he’s everything but average. And now he speaks Slovene!

Od Lune pijan / Drunk On The Moon 

Paul D. Brazill , Renato Bratkovič

My original Roman Dalton – Werewolf PI yarn has now been translated by Slovenian noir writer Renato Bratkovič

And you can get it here as an Artizan double – in both languages.

Available at all other Amazon’s, too.

Short, Sharp Interview: Brandon Jordan of Crime Rock

brandon crime rockPDB: Can you pitch CRIME ROCK in 25 words or less? 

BJ: If you lock punk, grunge, and film noir in the same jail-cell without any hope for early parole, then you’ve got Crime Rock!

PDB: Which music, books, films or television shows have floated your boat recently?

BJ: Well, for books, I just started the Andrew Vachss “Burke” series. I think I’m on the 3rd book now.  I like how paranoid and admittedly afraid the main character, Burke is.  It’s not new, but it’s new to me.  As for music, there is some great music out. The new Death Grips screws with my head in the proper way.  A new band from Northern New York called Drug Church, released a raunchy debut album.  John Zorn’s Painkiller just released a live album called “The Prophecy”.  It’s the kind of music you should put on during a first date to find out whether or not your suitor is as crazy as you are.  And television wise, I’m hooked on “True Detective” from HBO, and “American Horror Story” on FX.

PDB: Do you have any interest in writing for films, theatre or television? 

BJ:  No, but I do have interest in someone writing a film for me!  Seriously, I have an uncle who is a semi-famous screenwriter out here in LA.  He is so talented that they pay him lots and lots and lots of money just to treat him, and his work, like shit.  So, yeah…no thanks.  I think I’ve put enough chum in the water, I don’t need any more sharks swimming by uninvited.  Besides, in order to be a writer, you’ve got to know how to spell.  And, well, I can’t spell for shit…  That’s why I sing.

PDB: How useful or important are social media for you ?

BJ: I make sure that I make time to talk to my fans and know them on a first name basis.  They support and buy my music.  I listen to their demos, send them happy birthday videos, and I’ve even helped them out with their homework. Especially my fans overseas who need help with their English homework.  I couldn’t do any of this interesting stuff if it wasn’t for social media.

PDB: What/ who are your influences?

BJ: I’m a process server.  I serve legal summons. So I’m in and out of law offices, arraignment courts, and shady neighborhoods.  I think my job is my biggest influence as a crime fiction musician.  On stakeouts, I usually stay awake by reading the legal documents I’m serving. Yes, I’m reading your mail you law-breaking ladies and gentlemen. But influences…hmmm. Okay. There have been two periods of my creative life; the period before I became a serious fan of John Lydon a.k.a. “Johnny Rotten”, and the period after. Both of which were very poignant.

Also, I’m a huge fan of anything Mike Patton does.  I know it sounds strange for a musician to be a sports fan, but being from LA, Kobe Bryant is a huge influence on my work.  I see how hard he works on and off the court and it inspires me to work that much harder on my craft, on and off the stage.  I give it my all at band practice because I know it pays off when I hit the stage.  Being a live musician is very physical, so, I mean, I guess it’s not that crazy to have an athlete as an influence.crime rock

PDB: What’s in the cards for 2014?

BJ: 2014 is already exciting.  We just released two singles from our new self-released EP titled “To Hell With”.  The third single is coming out in April.  The artwork is going to be done by our new friend Gina Higgins.  She calls her style “American Noir”.  Everyone should check her out. We recorded a live album two weeks ago and it will have a summer release.  Most importantly, we are about 75% finished with our next full-length record called “Episode Two: Little Victim.” It’s a concept album about a teenager who has to break out of a mental ward during his 72 hour hold.  If he doesn’t escape in time, then his family will lose the family business and they will be homeless.

We are already playing 4 songs from the album at our live shows. We championed through and recently concluded our rookie year out here in the LA scene.  So we are enjoying getting better gigs and traveling the west coast for our first tour.  We wrote a song called “Right Time, Wrong Blond” that is hopefully going to have Jello Biafra narrating in the middle of the song. Cross your fingers!! We are searching to find someone who knows Raymond Pettibon so we can use one of his art pieces for the album.  Does anyone out there know him?! Please!?  So, yeah, 2014 has lots in store for us and we plan to wreak a little havoc and stay in lots of trouble.

Find out more about – and listen to -CRIME ROCK here.

Recommended Read: Felony Fists by Jack Tunney

Felony Fists by Jack Tunney

Jack Tunney’s breathless Felony Fists takes place in Los Angeles in the mid ’50s. Racketeer Mickey Cohen is trying to take over the fight game, pinning his hopes on Solomon King a massive heavyweight boxer.

Police Chief William Parker, however, has other plans. Parker heads an elite team of detectives known as The Hat Squad (if you’ve seen the film Mullholland Falls, you’ll certainly know who they are!) and he is focused on cleaning up the city and making things as difficult for Cohen, and the other gangsters, as possible.
Which is where Patrick ‘Felony’ Flynn comes in. Flynn is a life-long scrapper – starting out in an orpahange with his brother and during his time in the Navy.
Well, now he’s a cop and an amateur boxer and when Chief Parker gives him a chance to join the Hat Squad, Flynn jumps at the chance.
Felony Fists is the first of the Fight Card books written by Jack Tunny, who is the pseudonym of various top pulp writers such as Paul Bishop and Eric Beetner.
And it’s a beaut. Fast moving and hard hitting with a strong sense of place and time, Felony Fists is a great start to a highly addictive series.

Pulp Metal Magazine is LIVE !

Vengeance Issue 2012:

“On wrongs swift vengeance waits” -Alexander Pope

Music –

Music – Getting Real Gone with The Saint James Society by Jason Michel


Art/Comics -Too Much Ado About Dick – Paul “Deadeye” Dick

Paul Brazill’s Column –

I Didn’t Say That, Did I? Jack’s Back! – Ripping Yarns In Whitechapel By Paul D. Brazill

Writer’s Interviews –

“Writers forget that the short story is a gift” -Writer’s Interviews – Craig Wallwork by Jason Michel

Odd Fiction –

Killer Revolution by Craig Wallwork

Supermarkets Are Where The Money Is by Les Edgerton

Temporary Things by U.V. Ray

Future Past by Christopher Grant

That Fat Red Bastard – A Dick Dice Problem Interception by Paul ‘Deadeye’ Dick

Ice In The Veins by Richard Godwin

Baby Jebus’ Big Score by Heath Lowrance

Love Always Comes for You by T. Fox Dunham

General Slaughter’s, Like, Revenge or Something by Melanie Browne

Lacrimosa by Katy O’Dowd

ASBO Bambi by K. A. Laity

Silver Lady by Paul D Brazill

Who’s The Dummy? by Charlie Coleman

Ray Is Dead by Michael Keenaghan

My latest column at Pulp Metal Magazine.


I’ve heard from doctors that they can’t watch hospital series like ER and Casualty because of the medical inauthenticity of some scenes. Policeman surely say the same thing about the CSI franchise (okay EVERYONE says the same thing about CSI Miami). Dinner-ladies probably thought the same thing about Victoria Wood’s classic comedy series dinnerladies, for all I know.

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Confetti For Gabrielle by Matt Hilton.

ImageWhen Will Porter crashes his car into Mrs. Hinkle’s cabin, State Trooper Molly Lane has no choice but to arrest
him. Or try to. But when she  finds out the reason for Porter’s reckless driving, a breathless race against time ensues.

Matt Hilton’ s Confetti For Gabrielle is a fast moving and immensely enjoyable novelette, and Molly Lane is a character I’d like to see more of in the

Matt Hilton is a member of The Hardboiled

Cleansing Eden – The Celebrity Murders by Benjamin Sobieck

ImageCleansing Eden, Benjamin Sobieck‘s  gripping debut novel, kicks off  atmospherically with two unnamed men digging a grave  and burying the corpse of a famous actor.

As the novel purposefully unfolds, we discover that the younger man of the two is hooked on a drug called Bluegrass and that the older man is the only supplier.

And together, they are on a mission to murder as many celebrities as they can.

Throw a suspicious cop and an ambitious television reporter into the mix and you end up with a tense crime thriller that also manages to satirize celebrity culture, the mania of the zealot and a  society that is brain addled by an overdose of mass media.

Cleansing Eden is a twisty, turny read that puts an interesting and darkly comic spin on the serial killer  genre.


Recommended Read: Wee Rockets by Gerard Brennan

Fourteen year old Joe is outgrowing most of his mates, physically and emotionally. 

Joe is the leader of a young Belfast gang known as the Wee Rockets, who get their teenage kicks shoplifting and mugging pensioners.

But things are hotting up, with one particularly self-righteous member of the local residents group on the hunt for the gang, so Joe, along with his best mate Wee Danny, decides to get out while the going’s good. 

But things are never that simple, are they?

Gerard Brennan‘s marvellous WEE ROCKETS is a hard hitting story full a richly drawn and realistic characters. 

Joe is a great hero/ anti- hero, and like his mother, is full of working class venom, humour and warmth. 

As well as wonderful characters, WEE ROCKETS also has a great sense of place, as Brennan shows us a Belfast that is changing and the people trying/ struggling to keep up with those changes.

WEE ROCKETS is a kitchen sink drama;a  crime story; a coming of age tale. It’s a sharp slice of urban life. A story of loyalty and friendship.   And it is TRUE BRIT GRIT and highly recommended

The Killing League by Dani Amore

Mack is a retired FBI profiler who is taking care of his sick sister.

Nicola is a survivor. The potential victim of a vicious serial killer. The one who managed to escape and turn her life around.

Both Mack and Nicola are invited to participate in THE KILLING LEAGUE, a competition to find the greatest serial killer on the loose in the USA.

Dani Amore‘s smashing THE KILLING LEAGUE is a  brilliantly paced rush of a read with more than trace of dark satire and more serial killers than you can shake a stick at. 


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