Dave Wilde Reviews 13 Shots Of Noir

Over at Goodreads, he says: ‘These are all good stories. “The Tut” begins with the unforgettable line: “After enduring forty-five years of a marriage that was at best, like wading through treacle, Oliver Robinson eventually had enough and smothered his wife with the beige corduroy cushion that he’d accidentally burned with a cigarette two fraughtContinue reading “Dave Wilde Reviews 13 Shots Of Noir”

J J Toner Reviews 13 Shots Of Noir

Over at Amazon.co.uk, author JJ Toner says: ‘5.0 out of 5 stars. A master of the noir genre. I read these stories a year ago. I loved them all. Paul’s writing is to die for. I thought I wrote a review at the time, but can’t find it, now. A rare find, a kick-ass collection ofContinue reading “J J Toner Reviews 13 Shots Of Noir”

13 Shots Of Noir only 69c!

As part of UNTREED READS‘ Halloween sale,  my flash fiction collection  13 SHOTS OF NOIR is only 69c for the next couple of days. Grab it here. And check out the rest of the sale. ‘30% OFF All Mysteries  Click to see all of our boo-utiful novels, collections, anthologies and short stories! 30% Off All Horror ComeContinue reading “13 Shots Of Noir only 69c!”


I used to get angry all the time. Especially when I was a teenager. The “difficult years,” doctors used to call it. As if there could ever be any other with a father like mine. I’d see crimson, burn up like a volcano, rant, rave, spit, scream – the whole deal. Sometimes I’d even blackContinue reading “ANGER MANAGEMENT”

Recommended Read: The Retro Look by Albert Tucher

Albert Tucher’s Dana Andrews is one of crime fiction’s undiscovered gems. In The Retro Look  – one of more than fifty Dana Andrews stories –  the call-girl heads to Atlantic City with one of her regular johns and is soon embroiled in a twisty turny murder mystery. Dana is a great creation and Tucher’s writingContinue reading “Recommended Read: The Retro Look by Albert Tucher”

13 Shots Of Noir reviewed at Everythingnoir.

’13 Shots of Noir is a short story collection from Paul D. Brazill. All 13 of these stories are very short and snappy. In most of these stories I felt if Raymond Chandler was writing today, it would read a lot like this. His characters have sharp tongues and use smart ass remarks mixed withContinue reading “13 Shots Of Noir reviewed at Everythingnoir.”

Detectives Beyond Borders reviews 13 Shots Of Noir

‘My latest epiphany has come with the opening stories of Paul D. Brazill‘s 13 Shots of Noir. The stories are all dark, of course, in the sense that their characters do terrible things,  but they are filled with humor, and one even has a happy ending of a kind.’ Read the rest HERE.

Get 13 Shots Of Noir For 99p/ 99c !

If you want to pick up a copy of my flash fiction collection 13 Shots Of Noir, now is the time. 13 Shots Of Noir – published by UNTREED READS – is currently 99p / 99c at Amazon. The blurb: English writer Paul D Brazill’s 13 Shots Of Noir is a collection of short stories in theContinue reading “Get 13 Shots Of Noir For 99p/ 99c !”

Recommended Read: A Taste Of Old Revenge by B. R. Stateham

Detectives Hahn and Morales are called to investigate the shooting of a garage mechanic and uncover a can of  particularly ugly worms who have more than a passing resemblance to the FBI, Mossad and Odessa – Nazi hitmen who are in the US offing prominent members of the Jewish community. Throw a young reporter withContinue reading “Recommended Read: A Taste Of Old Revenge by B. R. Stateham”

Out Now: 13 Shots Of Noir by Paul D Brazill

  English writer Paul D Brazill’s 13 Shots Of Noir is a collection of short stories in the vein of Roald Dahl, The Twilight Zone and Alfred Hitchcock Presents.The first story, “The Tut”, was nominated for a 2010 Spinetingler Award, while the story “Anger Management” was chosen as one of the Predators and Editors topContinue reading “Out Now: 13 Shots Of Noir by Paul D Brazill”