A Few More Top Reviews for Gumshoe Blues

GUMSHOE BLUES: THE PETER ORD YARNS continues to get the thumbs up from readers. Over at Goodreads, Kevin McNamara says: ‘Another fast read from Paul Brazill, this book is about Seatown PI Peter Ord. Filled with colorful characters and Mr. Brazill’s wonderful wit, these are stories from a seedy town and a new PI whoContinue reading “A Few More Top Reviews for Gumshoe Blues”

An Interview And A Few Tidy Reviews For Last Year’s Man.

There’s a lot of it about … Over at TOE SIX PRESS,  Sandra Ruttan asks me about Last Year’s Man and she reviews it too! She says: ‘I love an author who can engage me and surprise me and give me a complicated protagonist to root for. If you do too, you’ll find Last Year’s Man toContinue reading “An Interview And A Few Tidy Reviews For Last Year’s Man.”

Warren Stalley Reviews Too Many Crooks

Over at Amazon.co.uk Warren Stalley says: ‘5.0 out of 5 stars. Seven Dollars on the Red Right from the start of Too Many Crooks there’s a blast of violence and gallows humour which sets the tone for the latest novel by talented Brit Grit author Paul D Brazill. The narrative follows various dubious criminals caught up inContinue reading “Warren Stalley Reviews Too Many Crooks”

Warren Stalley Reviews The Last Laugh

Over at Amazon.co.uk, Warren Stalley gives my short story collection The Last Laugh  FIVE stars and says: ‘The Last Laugh by author Paul D Brazill brings together a variety of old and new stories in one darkly, gritty collection. Peppered with classic one liners and black gallows humour these are tales of international noir, BritContinue reading “Warren Stalley Reviews The Last Laugh”

Warren Stalley Reviews Cold London Blues

Over at Amazon.co.uk , he says: ‘When a truck full of valuable vintage superhero comic books is stolen this is just the tipping point for author Paul D Brazill to weave a London based crime tale full of crooks, criminals, cops and conmen laced with his usual witty one liners and black humour. Cold LondonContinue reading “Warren Stalley Reviews Cold London Blues”

Warren Stalley reviews Kill Me Quick!

In the fifth FIVE STAR review in its first week of publication, Warren Stalley says: ‘Mark Hammonds returns to his Northern roots in the seething coastal crime capital that is Seatown. Before long the ex New Romantic Coronet Blue band member is up to his neck in drugs, violence, music and murder. Can Mark surviveContinue reading “Warren Stalley reviews Kill Me Quick!”