Recommended Read: Back To The World by James Shaffer

Johnny Piper is raised and home-schooled by his strong and smart mother until his father returns home from the Korean War and things go awry. Johnny is eventually sent off to fight in the Vietnam War leaving his boozing, gambling father to dig the family deeper into the mire. James Shaffer’s Back To The WorldContinue reading “Recommended Read: Back To The World by James Shaffer”

Short, Sharp Interview: Richard Prosch

PDB: What’s going on? I live in the country, so every season brings a new slate of activity. Between checking fences for winter and bringing in wood for the furnace, I’m working on the third story in my Dan Spalding crime series. PDB: Do you listen to music when you work? I do, but can’tContinue reading “Short, Sharp Interview: Richard Prosch”

Recommended Reads: The Rain King by Kevin Lynn Helmick

A contemporary Western Noir. The Rain King is the story of, George Washington Parker, 107 year Comanche Indian, and the way he remembers his turn of the century travels through Oklahoma Territory with Ex-Confederate outlaw, Henry Faro as they pursue a genocidal preacher known as The Rain King. ‘The Rain King is a brilliantly inventiveContinue reading “Recommended Reads: The Rain King by Kevin Lynn Helmick”

Guest Blog: Danny Hogan – Them Old Westerns

Last weekend I visited my local second hand bookshop, the Two Way Exchange in Brighton’s North Laines area, in my search for pulps. As usual this meant perusing the crime section and heavily scrutinising the Science Fiction wall. I found very little apart from an sf number entitled Ginger Star which I bought for noveltyContinue reading “Guest Blog: Danny Hogan – Them Old Westerns”