Death Toll 3: End Game is OUT NOW!

DEATH TOLL 3: End Game’ is an uncompromising, page-turning crime thriller anthology that brings together crime writers based in eight different countries spanning five continents. This is the best short thriller fiction from today’s best crime writers: Matt Hilton, Douglas Stewart, Alex Shaw, Charlie Flowers, Stephen Edger, Paul D Brazill, Dominic Adler, Paul Grzegorzek, JamieContinue reading “Death Toll 3: End Game is OUT NOW!”

Punk Noir Magazine

  Punk Noir Magazine – hovering in the shadows of the late lamented Pulp Metal Magazine – is a non-profit, non-paying, online arts and entrainment magazine that views the world at its most askew. We’ll be looking at films, music, television and more. There’ll be interviews, reviews, news, poetry, fiction, micro fiction, and flash fiction.  And some otherContinue reading “Punk Noir Magazine”

Brit Grit on the Laikonik Express

Brit Grit on the Laikonik Express – na Wielorzeczu po angielsku. On Saturday 22 September, I’ll be taking part in the Festiwalu Literatury Wielorzecze  in the town of  Elbląg here in Poland. I’ll be chatting with Nick Sweeney and  Arco Van Ieperen.   Radek Obuchowski will translate. Here’s some more information about the gig, in Polish: Po raz pierwszy w historii FestiwaluContinue reading “Brit Grit on the Laikonik Express”

I’m Interviewed at My Book Place

‘Do you have any unusual writing habits? I write as and when I can, in an ad hoc and slapdash manner. It’s a pretty good reflection of how I live my life, really. What authors, or books have influenced you? Damon Runyon because he created his own world. Allan Guthrie because he showed a darklyContinue reading “I’m Interviewed at My Book Place”

Meet Last Year’s Man Next Year!

I’m more than somewhat chuffed that ALL DUE RESPECT will be publishing my novella LAST YEAR’S MAN in June 2018. I’ll tell you more about that anon but for now you can take a gander at ALL DUE RESPECT’s current publishing schedule. Outlaws by Matt Phillips (Dec. 15 2017) Street Whispers by Liam Sweeny (Feb. 2018)Continue reading “Meet Last Year’s Man Next Year!”

Examining the Hellboy Graphic Novel ‘Into the Silent Sea’ Ahead of the Upcoming Movie Release in 2018

(Image via IndieWire) Examining the Hellboy Graphic Novel ‘Into the Silent Sea’ Ahead of the Upcoming Movie Release in 2018 Hellboy is returning to the silver screen next year with Stranger Things actor David Harbour replacing Ron Perlman as the titular character. The film is looking to strike a new tone with the film’s screenwriterContinue reading “Examining the Hellboy Graphic Novel ‘Into the Silent Sea’ Ahead of the Upcoming Movie Release in 2018”

Out Now! Just Like That by Les Edgerton

New from Down & Out Books Purchase links … Buy from the Down & Out Bookstore or from the following retailers … Print: Amazon — Barnes & Noble eBook: Kindle — Nook — iTunes — Kobo Synopsis … Jake and his pal Bud’s journey begins six months after he is released on parole and is occasioned when his girlfriend Donna dumps him and aborts their child. After a suicide attempt whereContinue reading “Out Now! Just Like That by Les Edgerton”

Coming Soon: Manchester Vice by Jack Strange

Bio: The mysterious Jack Strange hails from the town of Huddersfield, in West Yorkshire , England. He’s a man with a checkered past, having worked in a morgue, been a labourer, and a salesman. He’s dug holes… professionally (to what end, he refuses to say – sales? corpses? possibly both?),  even more terrifying – he’s a formerContinue reading “Coming Soon: Manchester Vice by Jack Strange”

I’m Going Underground at Crime Fiction Lover

Over at the splendid CRIME FICTION LOVER website, I contribute to their NEW TALENT NOVEMBER  celebration with a little column about underground crime fiction writers. Of course, there are so many top writers around at the moment that I couldn’t mention all of them. But you can check out those I did mention here.

Failing Better: Brit Grit Comedy

“Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up, but a comedy in long-shot. To truly laugh, you must be able to take your pain, and play with it!” – Charlie Chaplin “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.’” – Samuel Becket. As Chaplin showed, there has always been a dark aspect toContinue reading “Failing Better: Brit Grit Comedy”