Warsaw Noir – All About Steve

One of the areas touched upon in the first chapter of my novella A CASE OF NOIR is the rather, louche and down-at-heel world of Warsaw’s ex-pat EFL teachers. The ‘flotsam and jetsam of life’ that make their living teaching English in Poland’s capital. To give you a further — and very noir — taste of thatContinue reading “Warsaw Noir – All About Steve”

Trivial And Profound: An Interview With Carole Morin

Carole Morin ‘has beaten Stanley Kubrick in a dessert eating contest, drunk mojitos with Fidel Castro at the Hotel Nacional in Havana, and been mistaken for Graham Greene’s Eurasian daughter in Hanoi.’ She has been described as “Sylvia Plath with a sense of humour”.  Her latest book is the ‘noirish’ Spying On Strange Men. TheContinue reading “Trivial And Profound: An Interview With Carole Morin”

Cliff Walk by Bruce DeSilva – Read The First Two Chapters.

The Blurb: ‘Prostitution has been legal in Rhode Island for more than a decade; Liam Mulligan, an old-school investigative reporter at dying Providence newspaper, suspects the governor has been taking payoffs to keep it that way. But this isn’t the only story making headlines…a child’s severed arm is discovered in a pile of garbage atContinue reading “Cliff Walk by Bruce DeSilva – Read The First Two Chapters.”

Short, Sharp Interview: Max Adams.

PDB: Can you pitch THE NEW SCREENWRITER’S SURVIVAL GUIDE in 25 words or less? No, but David Trottier, author of The Screenwriter’s Bible can:  “Before you even think of marketing your script, read this book and change your screenwriting life.” PDB: Which music, books, films or television shows have floated your boat recently? I enjoyedContinue reading “Short, Sharp Interview: Max Adams.”

Luke Case Gets Some BiLingual Love Action!

Over at SEA MINOR, Nigel Bird takes a look at my Warsaw set novelette Red Esperanto and says: ‘Red Esperanto  … practically drips in the alcoholic sweat of the journalist Luke Case, not to mention some of his other bodily fluids. ‘ Meanwhile, over in  Italy, LIBERI DI SCRIVERE have a gander at Red Esperanto‘sContinue reading “Luke Case Gets Some BiLingual Love Action!”

I’m in the 10th edition of The Mammoth Book Of Best British Crime

The 10th edition of  Maxim Jakubowski’s legendary The Mammoth Book Of Best British Crime is now available for pre-order. I was jammy enough to have a story – Guns Of Brixton –in the 8th edition, along with Ian Rankin, Denise Mina, Paul Johnston, Nigel Bird, Colin Bateman, Nick Quantrill and loads of other big names.Continue reading “I’m in the 10th edition of The Mammoth Book Of Best British Crime”

What The Hell Is Brit Grit ?

  America may well be the  official home of pulp and noir but the United Kingdom, long  perceived as the land of tame Dame Agatha style cozies and stuck-up, Latin quoting police detectives, also has a grubby underbelly which has produced plenty of gritty crime writing. And there is a new wave of Brit GritContinue reading “What The Hell Is Brit Grit ?”

Ten Crime Books To Help Cure Your Hangover

Imagine  it’s a gloomy Monday morning. Outside your window, dark malignant clouds fill the sky. The residue of the weekend’s fun and frolics is draining away like dishwater down a plug hole. And work – the ultimate four letter word- is hanging over you like a hawk ready to strike its prey. You want toContinue reading “Ten Crime Books To Help Cure Your Hangover”

Off The Record 2- At The Movies is Out Now !!!

Off The Record 2- At The Movies is an anthology of 47 short stories, based on film titles, from some of the  best and most bad-bum writers around. And all proceeds go to charity. Find out more in my latest Brit Grit Alley column which is, as usual, over at Out Of The Gutter Online.


Noir Nation is an eBook journal of high quality crime fiction, essays, and author interviews, illustrated with living art: tattoos. Issue No. 2 is rich with stories that tell of being stopped at a tense Israeli checkpoint, a man reflecting on the death of his sadistic mother while getting a tattoo, hunting jaguars in theContinue reading “NOIR NATION 2 IS OUT NOW !!!”