Recommended Read: Dead Heat With The Reaper by William E. Wallace

William E. Wallace’s Dead Heat With The Reaper consist of two marvelous hard-boiled crime novellas. The first, Legacy, is the story of Frank Trask, a retired steel worker who wakes up in hospital and is told that he has cancer. In the second story, The Creep, a nurse encounters a scarred war veteran who livesContinue reading “Recommended Read: Dead Heat With The Reaper by William E. Wallace”

Recommended Read: Love You To A Pulp by C S DeWildt

Glue sniffing private eye Neil Chambers is hired to track down a small town pharmacist’s errant daughter and things very quickly spiral violently out of control. In Love You To A Pulp, CS DeWildt  cleverly balances old school pulp fiction – pushed to the max – with a lyrical country noir/ coming-of-age story. Both storyContinue reading “Recommended Read: Love You To A Pulp by C S DeWildt”

The Wrong Crowd at All Due Respect 7

The seventh issue of the splendid ALL DUE RESPECT MAGAZINE is out now and includes my review of Richard Godwin‘s latest crime novel Wrong Crowd.  And what else? Well there’s … ‘More kick ass crime fiction than you can handle from Ray Zacek, Joe L. Murr, Math Bird, Matthew J. Hockey, Brian Haycock, and Frank Byrns.Continue reading “The Wrong Crowd at All Due Respect 7”

Recommended Read: All Due Respect Magazine 6

The sixth issue of All Due Respect Magazine is another beaut slice of pure hardboiled fiction. You get gamblers, wrestlers, bank robbers, juvenile delinquents, drunks, and double crosses galore. Every story is a gem but Wayne Kershaw Goes to Church by C.J. Edwards is particularly good and is as noir as it gets. The magazine is,Continue reading “Recommended Read: All Due Respect Magazine 6”

Recommended Read: Crooked Roads by Alec Cizak

The stories in Alec Cizak’s Crooked Roads are brilliant, brutal and poignant.  There is the classic small town noir of ‘State Road 33’ and ‘My Kind Of Town’, hard-boiled revenge in ‘A Matter Of Time’, the delirium driven ‘Methamphetamine and a Shotgun’ and the downright nasty ‘Little People.’, And more. Crooked Roads is an unflinchingContinue reading “Recommended Read: Crooked Roads by Alec Cizak”

Recommended Read: Jungle Horses by Scott Adlerberg

My first encounter with Scott Adlerberg’s writing was the short story The Gulf in the second issue of All Due Respect magazine, and great stuff it was too. I’d been looking forward to reading Jungle Horses for a while and it certainly didn’t disappoint. There are two parts to the book. In the first, numbContinue reading “Recommended Read: Jungle Horses by Scott Adlerberg”

Recommended Read: All Due Respect Magazine 5

The latest issue of ALL DUE RESPECT magazine is a knockout. Edited by Chris Rhatigan and Mike Monson, ADR is proving itself to be one of the best pulp magazines on the market. Even though they publish my stuff! The magazine opens with Broken Prayer, an atmospheric and very well written novel excerpt from SteveContinue reading “Recommended Read: All Due Respect Magazine 5”

The Last Laugh reviewed at Regular Guy Reading Noir

The fifth issue of ALL DUE RESPECT magazine has been reviewed at the blog REGULAR GUY READING NOIR. Here’s what he says about my story THE LAST LAUGH: ‘ Paul D Brazill joins the party with a great tale of revenge. His main character, Godard, has his eye on revenge and retribution against a bent copperContinue reading “The Last Laugh reviewed at Regular Guy Reading Noir”

The Last Laugh in All Due Respect Magazine

I was very pleased to have a story in the first issue of ALL DUE RESPECT MAGAZINE and am also pretty damned chuffed to have a new one The Last Laugh in the fifth  issue. Here’s the blurb: ADR‘s heads to the Bayou with an excerpt from Steve Weddle‘s upcoming novel Broken Prayer and anContinue reading “The Last Laugh in All Due Respect Magazine”

Short, Sharp Interview: Phil Beloin Jnr

PDB: What’s going on now? All Due Respect Books has just published my novella, Revenge Is A Redhead. PDB: How did you research this book? By ingesting too much pulp and noir over the years. PDB: Which of your publications are you most proud of? I like how this novella came out. PDB: What’s yourContinue reading “Short, Sharp Interview: Phil Beloin Jnr”