Dominic Milne reviews The Gumshoe

the gumshoe and other brit grit yarns.Over at, ace crime writer Dominic Milne reviews The Gumshoe, and Other Brit Grit Yarns.

Here’s what he says: ‘The Gumshoe And Other Brit Yarns are like a line of literary tequila slammers giving you a moment of a thrill, lined with a touch of salt (each one prompts a mouth-tingling buzz then makes you splutter with laughter!)’

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A Couple Of Top Reviews: The Neon Moon/ Guns Of Brixton

neon moon 2Graham Wynd takes a look at THE NEON MOON: A ROMAN DALTON ANTHOLOGY.

‘Another fistful of fun from Blackwitch Press. A bunch of terrific writers run away with Paul D. Brazill‘s werewolf detective Roman Dalton and the dark madness of The City.

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gobNigel Bird takes a gander at GUNS OF BRIXTON.

‘the observations are sharp and the characters create small nuclear explosions as they collide with each other.’

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Dominic Milne reviews A Case Of Noir

a case of black‘Luke Case is every bit the worthy protagonist of this archetypal piece of noir. His capacity for hard living is only just surpassed by his will to survive, in this fast-moving Euro-crime caper. Case doesn’t so much step on toes, as climb all over the clutches of the various gangsters he meets along the way, making his way from Poland to Spain and ultimately back to England to try and settle a particularly demanding debt. The characters are vibrant, the dialogue sharp and witty and the denouement an absolute gem. A Case Of Noir is stylish, compulsive throughout and despite all the casually wicked stuff that happens, you can’t help but smile broadly at the denouement. Cracking stuff.’

Dominic Milne reviews A Case Of Noir.

13 Shots Of Noir reviewed at Everythingnoir.

cropped-13-shots2.jpg’13 Shots of Noir is a short story collection from Paul D. Brazill. All 13 of these stories are very short and snappy. In most of these stories I felt if Raymond Chandler was writing today, it would read a lot like this. His characters have sharp tongues and use smart ass remarks mixed with popular culture references that put a smile on your face as you read them.’

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Dominic Milne reviews Guns Of Brixton

gobOver at Amazon, top crime fiction writer DOMINIC MILNE reviews GUNS OF BRIXTON.

Here’s what he says:

Pulp fiction at its hilarious, irreverent best…

For all the numerous and largely excellent crime books I’ve read this year, I can’t remember any offering raising quite as many smiles as this one. In Guns Of Brixton, Paul D Brazil creates a series of windows into the various weird, violent and thoroughly dysfunctional worlds of London’s underground. The plot centres around a pair of flawed heavies, Kenny Rogan and big Jim Lawson, who whilst pursuing a particularly valuable briefcase for their boss, mad Tony Cook, inadvertently manage to blow away one Half-pint Harry, the right-hand man of a north-eastern mobster. To compound matters, whilst carrying his corpse off in the back of their motor, they decide to carry out a robbery in drag, after which they crash their car then lose the briefcase to the son of an east-end rival of their own mad boss. Confused? No need to be, but even if you are it doesn’t really matter, because the ride is everything in this compelling and hilarious read. Every character that turns up along the ride is vividly drawn, none better than the murderous Father Tim, the mob priest who doubles up as a hit-man. There are various strands of subplot weaving throughout, but the key story centres around Mad Tony Cook’s personal holy grail, the silver briefcase with the glow, which may well be a nod to the excellent 1955 Micky Spillane-based, film noir, ‘Kiss Me Deadly’. The dialogue is littered with slick one-liners and the ending is suitably gross, rampant with irreverent humour. Pulp fiction at its absolute best.’

Detectives Beyond Borders reviews 13 Shots Of Noir

cropped-13-shots2.jpg‘My latest epiphany has come with the opening stories of Paul D. Brazill‘s 13 Shots of Noir. The stories are all dark, of course, in the sense that their characters do terrible things,  but they are filled with humor, and one even has a happy ending of a kind.’

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Route 66 And All That is Reviewed at Dark Musings

rogueThe ROGUE anthology is reviewed by Anthony Watson at DARK MUSINGS.

Here’s what he has to say about my yarn:

‘There’s politics too – though in a subtle, tangential way and even some humour – though of the darkest variety. The latter is most evident in Paul D Brazill’s Route 66 and All That which introduces an entertaining set of hapless criminals and contains some zinging one-liners.’

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James A. Newman Reviews A Case Of Noir

A Case Of Noir

‘Paul D. Brazill’s world here is one of peroxide Berliner blondes wearing PVC raincoats with blood red lipstick smeared across their lips.  Barbarous gangsters and shyster scam artists, drunken literary agents and pop producers shelter in cities ruined by war and Vodka, drenched by decadence, spent of hope, driven by desire.’

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13 Shots Of Noir Reviewed at Kevin’s Corner

13 shotsKevin Tipple gives 13 Shots Of Noir a smashing and detailed review.

‘As noted in the subtitle of 13 Shots of Noir the e-book contains 13 short, sharp stories of booze, bullets and bodies. The read fully delivers on those aspects and plenty more.’

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Guns Of Brixton reviewed at Kevin’s Corner

GOB paperback‘Like a lot of the Paul D. Brazill’s excellent stories there are a large number of cultural references at work in this twisting crime yarn. Many become clear in time via the context of the story through one does get the feeling one is missing a point or joke here and there. What is clear regardless of your personal familiarity with the cultural references is that humor is prevalent in this read as is plenty of serious violence and action in a noir style tale that gets bigger and bigger as the novella works toward the conclusion.’ Read the rest of the review here and check out the rest of Kevin Tipple’s excellent blog.

Drag Noir is reviewed at Starburst Magazine

drag noirStarburst Magazine takes a gander at Drag Noir, the anthology edited by K A Laity and published by Fox Spirit Books which includes my yarn A Bit Of A Pickle.

‘Other highlights include Kiki Le Shade by Chloe Yates, a lovely little horror story that mixes noir, drag and something else into the mix to create a charming nightmare. It’s a little rushed and could have done with being a touch longer, but it crams a lot of ideas into a short space without being too forced. Amelia Mangam’sStainless Steel is a cleverly twisted take on the theme, and A Bit of a Pickle by Paul D. Brazill is a nostalgia powered tale of regret.’

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Guns Of Brixton reviewed at My Little Pile Of Rocks

gob‘Even before he’d switched on the lock-up’s strip light, Big Jim Lawson knew that he was bollock deep in the shit.’

It’s a great way to start a story and it just keeps getting better. Split into six parts that are all named after songs by The Clash (Safe European Homes, Guns of Brixton, Police & Thieves, Bankrobber, The Last Gang in Town and Somebody Got Murdered), Guns of Brixton takes you on an old-fashioned rollicking, bollocks-loaded ride through the gutters, strip clubs and greasy spoons of dirty old London town.

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