Exiles: An Outsider Anthology reviewed at Crimepieces

Over at Crimepieces, Sarah Ward says: ‘Collecting the stories around an overarching theme was an excellent idea for this book. It gave the collection a homogenous feel but allowed the writers to express their individual styles within the narratives. The stories are fairly short but many are powerful. And it’s allowed me to discover newContinue reading “Exiles: An Outsider Anthology reviewed at Crimepieces”

Guns Of Brixton reviewed at Col’s Criminal Library

Guns Of Brixton gets a great review over at Col’s Criminal Library. Here’s what Col says: ‘Short, sharp, violent, funny, populated by an interesting smorgasbord of low-life, criminals…….  Half-Pint Harry, Anarchy Al and the like. The action mainly concerns recovering a missing suitcase, interspersed with an accidental killing, a jewellery heist, dingy pubs and greasyContinue reading “Guns Of Brixton reviewed at Col’s Criminal Library”

The Last Laugh reviewed at Regular Guy Reading Noir

The fifth issue of ALL DUE RESPECT magazine has been reviewed at the blog REGULAR GUY READING NOIR. Here’s what he says about my story THE LAST LAUGH: ‘ Paul D Brazill joins the party with a great tale of revenge. His main character, Godard, has his eye on revenge and retribution against a bent copperContinue reading “The Last Laugh reviewed at Regular Guy Reading Noir”

Guns Of Brixton reviewed at Lovereading

The legendary Maxim Jakubowski gives Guns Of Brixton a great review in his latest monthly column at Lovereading. ‘Poland-based British author Brazill is one of the leading lights of a burgeoning independent crime publishing landscape in which he has been a prolific pen as well as nurturing editor. This short novel is an expansion ofContinue reading “Guns Of Brixton reviewed at Lovereading”

Guns Of Brixton reviewed at Crimesquad

There’s a great FIVE STAR review of GOB by Graham Smith over at the prestigious CRIMESQUAD. ‘Guns of Brixton’ is a taut story wrapped around the possession of a briefcase with mysterious contents. Told from disparate viewpoints it follows a bunch of unwieldy yet utterly believable characters as they get dragged into an ever worseningContinue reading “Guns Of Brixton reviewed at Crimesquad”

A Couple Of Great Reviews For Guns Of Brixton

CRIME FICTION LOVER says : ‘populated by a rogue’s gallery of scoundrels and swindlers with names like Half-Pint Harry and Anarchy Al, and their dirty deeds are done dirt cheap. The musical name dropping proves infectious thanks to the skill of the author, and the book is big fun to read.’ DETECTIVES BEYOND BORDERS saysContinue reading “A Couple Of Great Reviews For Guns Of Brixton”