Gumshoe Blues (Close To The Bone)

Supernatural Noir (Close To The Bone)

Small Time Crimes (Close To The Bone)

Last Year’s Man (All Due Respect/ Down and Out Books)

Kill Me Quick (Fahrenheit 13)

Big City Blues (Close To The Bone)

A Case Of Noir (Close To The Bone)

Too Many Crooks (Close To The Bone)

The Last Laugh (All Due Respect)

Cold London Blues (Caffeine Nights Publishing)

Guns Of BrixtonCaffeine Nights Publishing.)

13 Shots Of Noir (Untreed Reads)

Od Lune pijan / Drunk On The Moon  (Artizan) 



Exiles: An Outsider Anthology                                                       

True Brit Grit (with Luca Veste)

Off The Record 2 – At The Movies (with Luca Veste)






La Supremazia Della Patata: Di Sesso E Di Città: 1

Rosso Esperanto

Morte a Madrid





Od Lune pijan 




Anthologies that include my stories.

The Thirteen Lives Of Frank Peppercorn – The Ballad Of Benny Baines

Dark Minds – Life After Life

Crooked Holster Volume 3 – New Dawn Fades

Close To The Boneyard – Killing Mr Cornflakes.

Last Word – The Luck Of The Devil.

Rogue: The Second Anthology – Route 66 And All That.

Shadow’s and Light: To benefit Women’s Aid – The Man Behind The Curtain.

Twelve Mad Men – A Man Of Sophisticated Tastes

Drag Noir – A Bit Of A Pickle

The Mammoth Book Of Best British Crime 11 – Red Esperanto.

Exiles: An Outsider Anthology – The Weather Prophet

La supremazia della patata -Rosso Esperanto (Italian).

The Tobacco-Stained Sky – Murphy’s Bright Spark.

Noir Carnival – She’s My Witch.

Action 2 – The Missionary.

The Best Of Lit Noir – The Man Behind The Curtain.

Gloves Off – The Hit Man & Her.

The Mammoth Book Of Best British Crime 10 – Who Killed Skippy?

Black Moon Rising – Weird Noir

Shotgun Honey Presents: Both Barrels – Gareth And Fiona Go Abroad.

Off The Record 2: At The Movies – Silver Dream Racer.

Nova Parade – Catch As Catch Can

Action – The Liberator

True Brit Grit – Snapshots

Burning Bridges – The Beginning Of The End                     

Off The Record – Life On Mars?

The Lost Children – The Return Of The Grievous Angel

Laughing At The Death Grin! – The Big Hurt

Pulp Ink – The Lady & The Gimp

The Mammoth Book Of Best British Crime 8 – Guns Of Brixton

Deadly Treats – This Old House

Radgepacket 6 – A Can Short Of A Six Pack.

Radgepacket 5 – A Man On The Run

Radgepacket 4 – The Nightwatchman

Caught By Darkness – The Friend Catcher

Dusted – The Tut

Don’t Tread On Me – Sins Of The Father

Cup Of Joe – The Man Behind The Curtain

Flash! – Ballad Of The Kid & M

Daily Flash 2011 – Swamplands & Crimson Trail

Howl! – The Stamp Of A Vamp 6S,

Volume 2 – In The Dog House.

Magazines that include my stories.

Switchblade 1 – Getting Away With It

All Due Respect 5 – The Last Laugh

All Due Respect 1- The Bucket List.

Nightmare Illustrated 2 – The Skull Ring

Lit Noir  10 – The Tut

Lit Noir 8 – The Man Behind The Curtain.

Crime Factory issue 9 – Gumshoe Blues

Noir Nation  1 – Who Killed Skippy?

Blink Ink Noir – A Fresh Start

Needle issue 1- The Sharpest Tools In The Box

Crimefactory issue 5 – Guns Of Brixton

Blink Ink issue 1- Old Town, Midnight.

MiCrow Winter 2009 – Half

Dark Valentine issue 1 – Drunk On The Moon

Dark Valentine issue 4 – La Fee Verte


Crime Uncovered: Private Investigator – I interview Nick Quantrill

All Due Respect Magazine 7- I review Richard Godwin’s Wrong Crowd.

And there is a shed-load of ONLINE stuff out there at joints like The Flash Fiction Offensive, Pulp Metal Magazine, Spelk FictionA Twist Of Noir, Powderburn Flash, Thrillers, Killers n Chillers, Beat To A Pulp, Shotgun Honey etc.


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